Peacock Spider

The peacock spider Maratus volans’s mating dance

Running to meet the national day for Malaysia with sarung costume,
those did like Fire in the Hole, Creamy Lips, Chewkacca, Red Snatcher,
Banana Hammock,etc; in spite of oneself to remind Hasher’s Malachi
of sowing seeds of Paper Chase in Kuala Lumpur in 1938 as first time.


Adorning the mask as fudge factor against perceivable smog like Just
Tom, Just Louis and newcomers; up to 50 Hash harlequin celebrators
spelunk labyrinthine alleyways and alleyways in the hub of metropolis;
The residents on passageway cater for hashers to visual appreciation.

Wayward marks slot in the trail high and low, even higher on the eaves;
Defecologist and Transylvestite are more good at brain teaser with mark;
Kimchi Muncher and Pickle Boy run with naked nipples for salty juice;
Wait For It being eagle eyes spies the signs at the turns more than once;

Chippendale still exclaims in most sonorous tone while hitting the mark.
Confluence runners and walkers at two beer stops arrest more attentions;
Before the circle on laneway between driveway and sidewalk, some leave
beforehand such as Just Oli and Just several; Undulator acts as proxy GM.

Shanghai GM Nankou Jobs as visitor and Mother Ducker chant passion;
Black Turd and Bearded Clam are able to croon all Hash songs on site;
Bjorn Again, Pony Rider, Mind the Gap, Just Snow, Just Xiaoli and so on
make all right noises; 15 souls cram in food and break triskaidekaphobia.