Voyager 1 Spacecraft

Launched in 1977, Voyager 1 traveled past Jupiter and Saturn and is now
18.67 billion kilometers from the sun, became the first manmade spacecraft
to enter interstellar space busted loose out of the solar system on Aug. 25, 2012.
When you tour in the Milky Way to meet her, Don’t forget to say, “Hello!”

Perhaps the effect of local government’s curing the decrease of PM2.5 is being advanced; Perhaps the mobile and immobile machines with tons of carbon emission are halting to nibble the mooncake for a holiday. The sky is lucid blue and some volumed clouds wriggling its way to fly. The air is filling with refreshment of autumnal equinox. The cosy sunshine is beckoning the people to stretch their legs outdoors.

A gaggle of alpha hashers gathered at the assembly point on time, more than 30 quasi-althletes. Those just came back from beachfront Nash Hash still glow with the smack of ocean in novel daffodil Hash tee shirt. Some copperplate notations between cuneiform and hieroglyph lie on the ground in quiet, which are the instruction for Hash marks drawn by the hares, notably for the newcomers, albeit only one today. Half in half for runners and walkers. A voice is blowing with the wind, “Open Check!”

Directionless hashers are sticking around the starting point for awhile. The hare Wait For It has to point the right route to move forward. At this time Tap Ass seems to be thrilled to find the way out then tumbles headlong over the curb and jerks up without injury. Dapper hashers in file cut through a living community, up a footbridge, down the bank of moat riverlet, a beeline byway, along and along, every now and then up to the wooded sideway of main road, at length up and cross the main road and reach another house complex where it intersperses with cropped thickset and graduated asphalt racetrack along the bank of the canal where a touristy ferry is circumnavigating and stirring up the involute whirlpool. The sabbatical locals are gallivanting.

Dry Hole, Chewkacca and Placenta spearhead. Soon the first beerstop showed up on the roadside, just runners fuel up and chat up for minutes. After poured down some beer in the guts, the running feet sense much more potent and more quick for sure. Wait a minute, what the heck is the brain or the feet making sense in reining the run? Dunno. Just double march is better and faster in the wake of drinking. Being unware of hitting the second beerstop after hustling people and ambling cars in the streets and streets are guttered away behind Hash runners. This old spot for the hashers on the bypath of the bank eyewitnesses a get-together from the runners and walkers led by Bjorn Again. W7 as latecomer is nipping into the hashers; Butt and Paste is scurrying to take the pictures for cityscape; Banana Hammock is bandying about that Just Sissy literally got her Hash Handle as Beer Nuts in Beidaihe last weekend. Drink more and talk more until almost a dozen of beers are gone and “Open Check!”

Whether by accident or design, while enterring an alleyway, in any wise, cannot spot any sign to move on. Thanks to Doggie Fondu’s familiarity of the lay of the land, brings the hashers through a homestretch of uncharted area. Of course didn’t detect any mark until with a set teeth to trot off  a distance of thousands meters. When in the dark, it’s critical to trust in a sense on one’s own like Doggie Fondu did.

It so happens where the hashers are about to hold a ritual circle is a frontage of a tiny banking house and then an armor cash van is coming to transfer the bank papers, all hashers have to await in embarrassing situation until the security guards finished their job for minutes. Wondering how come GMs didn’t turn up for a couple of times, vicarious GM’duty is on the shoulder of Undulator again, who minces her words about the nanny goat of hashers; Ferrari and Asshole Sucker jump in the circle out of nowhere; Dragon Lady scores her 25 times running patch shaped an inwrought tootsy; Pickle Boy for 111 times; Mother Duker delivers his apt Hash songs;

Dry Hole hosts a RA’s cross-talk and music drama for rollcall hashers stand in the circle, a new lilted song chorused by Hash vocalists and then no sooner they complete it than sipping a mouthful of beer then spurting over the hashers in the circle, creative gaiety; Just Snow acquires her Hash Handle for Rabbit after voting through a resolution by many spot hashers, it’s inevitable to be on her knees in the circle with a baptism under the beer shower salvoed by other hashers stewarded by Hash mismanagement, which invites a roar of laughters and screams from On Your Knees, Hard To Live With, Bubba Spook and Just Xiaoli,etc; it ends up with that Life of Pi proclaims some hashers in Nash Hash and forthcoming event, meanwhile each one joined Nash Hash, who seats on the legs of Life of Pi as he sits down the steps receives informative envelope prepared by him, aha, a Santa Claus’s way to hand out a gift-giving.

Three small cases of beer bottles has been emptied and continue to order one case for two eating table. On food, a local royal restaurant has been open for one year and sticks out roomy ostentatious decoration and adornment of bygone local emperor’s rare old pictures on the wall, agreeable meal goes without saying, which’s an exhilarating festive day for our hashers. Don’t be jealous!