Two-Headed TurtleThe water has been discovered on Mars and the more would be forthcoming. But it’s still hard to determine on immigrating to there for the two-headed turtle in dilemma

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or arteriosclerosis or gonorrhoea or some disease else, what’s the problem with the weather that is vitally interrelated with all creatures on Earth? Looking up to the sun, our demiurge is like a drooping orange hanging in the sky surrounding multiple layers of smog. However it cannot stymie the hashers’s reiki on a journey of 9 kms or so.


The brightest spot is that Chewkacca toes the marks to wade through shallow water down the moat rivulet that can conjure up the hare’s hard gig too and he soon has to clamber up the bank with the help of the hashers. Notice: there’re the pools of foul water down some stretches of dried-up canal emitting the stench in the downtown, which’s contrasty with the greenery ashore, move forward on the flagging along the bank with stone engraving of the guardrail, can observe that turbid sewage is flushing through that seems to race against the hashers, can smell of the niff, can hear  of the torrent, as is a veritable trash trail today. The rumbling noise is approaching to the hashers’s matrix. It turns out to be Chippendale riding his skateboard as first latecomer.

Life Of Pee plays a bit more fun in hinting about the trail at the Open Check and Three Ways on his own initiative, sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s Shit Trail; At the first part of trail, Doggie Fondu first spots the sign to be on the right trail into where the rows of cookie cutter boxy apartment buildings seem to be socko-boffo, dotted divers artificial geyser facilities, the spouts dance high and low jerkily; Many hashers missed the first beerstop until co-hare Autoblow has to call them back by putting the finger on the mark that’s for sure hidden on the low-profile corner of wall, only this way can be found. Of course, everything is going as usual; At the second beerstop, Life Of Pee has to retrace his steps to navigate one third as walkers hared by Butt and Paste, who likely are lost by the smell from the fetid moat slops; Undulator partners with Rabbit to crunch on the popsickle one by one; Cum Shot gets used to shop a lot, all green food.

The circle forum happens on the roadside in shift of the sun and the moon box and cox. Beer Nuts’s vanishing; Autoblow’s friend and friend who look like her bodyguards come to the circle for a support; Dry Hole as latecomer shows up to lilt Hash opera a scene by a scene after GM Pretty Woman prologues; featured Dazed and Confused as RA moderates the tempo of anecdote with his peculiar prop such as Cock Chicken that’s a canary rubber chick chalice and new one that’s a cushion of toilet bowl, for extraordinary hashers’s plastron, this glory wreathes round the necks of Chewkacca and Wait For It, and both are tethered in one tightly, the photoflash clicks around; Jordan La Foreskin as virgin belts out Hash song in New York version; Bjorn Again, Knob In Hood, Just Shawn, Just Xiaoli and Newcomer roll in aisles with klieg eyes; Pickle Boy is up to crack two small cases of beer against trypophobia; Just Sam as last latecomer squeezes in the supper; Most of 30-odd hashers tuck into barbarian barbecue and shish kebab in a spacious Mongolian chain restaurant with loathing name towards Pickle Boy, don’t change to the real savage by sweet S’mores and James the Hamster’s whiskey thanks to Life Of Pee’s endeavour, cut loose from the curse of Timur’s tomb.