Brain Discipline


Electrically stimulating the brain can make people comply with social rules more or less, depending on whether they could be punished.

Ministry of Environment Protection stated explicitly the density of fine particulate in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province would be reduced 25% at the end of 2017. By the end of 2015, to reach the goal: basically COMPLETE the reconstruction of anti-pollution facilities like the coal-fired power plant, coal-fired boiler and industrial furnace, comprehensive treatment for organic waste gas from petrochemical enterprises; roundly SUPPLY the gasoline and diesel oil that meet criterion for State Fifth Stage in major cities and areas; Eliminate yellow label cars and old vehicls that registered to run by 2005. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

PM240 in the metro heart in the afternoon, the five of eighteen trendy hashers credit Gaia Hypothesis with equipping the face guards, such as Horny On Top, Doggie Fondu, Wait For It and greenies. Isn’t the mouth-muffle a kind of neo-fashion in foggy life?! It’s China’s 64th National Days, ancient alleyways and cram-full streets fluttering the five-star red flag all over remain the footsteps of rattling hashers for a celebration along primrose chalked marks in interval of every 10-20 meters, easy and throng trail. At the forks such as Two Ways, Three Ways and Open Check notwithstanding, Chewkacca as the hare has to present a tip for a right orientation down to the wire; Just Lewis, Bearded Clam, Transylvestite, Red Snatcher and virgins hotfoot faster as bellwether; Lost In Marks and Spenser comes across an equation without an answer on the wall, he computes with adroitness in which his grey matter, 10 is raising to the power of 100 for a googolplex in a split-second, seems to prove Ackerman function, a terrific mathman; Horny On Top brings up the rear for a talk over the phone all the way; Pickle Boy as co-hare monitors the backward so that nobody misses.

The runners rendezvous with two walkers like Master Baker and Hard To Live With to edge out 6 bottles of cold beer at the first beerstop. At the second one, the runners have to tarry for the walkers led by Chippendale as walking hare lose their way neck and crop, and dails his phone without reply all the time, Chewkacca has to ring Master Baker for a confluence again with a consumption of another 6 bottles of icy beer; Puppy doggedly chews up the bone on the ground as galloping forward and stirs up local whiffets to follow the part, but her neat silky white fur makes her winsome; So smoothly to loop 10 kms back to the starting point. On Your Knees is dropped behind looks like often and often; Subsequent to running, Bearded Clam and Just Hui Hui leave on the jildi; Undulator, Doggie Fondu and Life Of Pee in turn comperes the circle down-down where it takes place a clearing beside the mainroad. Cannot dispense with liquoring the hares a round on a round and what-ifs for some hashers. Life Of Pee wears a bear-shaped hat arouses the excitement. At dusk, twelve hashers dine local kickshaws on a patio of courtyard with a history of 150 years. While hearing the Dry Hole’s relocation, Pickle Boy fills with sigh that cannot see him anymore for a matinee idol, Dry Hole must somehow jimmy many holes as sure as fate for a blood of trojan; Life Of Pee snatches up a bottle of James the Hamster again to liven the spot up; Just figuring the Hash names for the top-leaders if they join us to debate the panspermia and Boltzmann’s brain some day. Happy birthday!