Scenic Heritage Roads


Scenic Heritage Roads are off the beaten path, and trees often meet over the lonely throughways, creating a tunnel of autumn color.

Zeitgeist of the weather’s loomed large as Hash’s corridors of power;
Animated 30-plus hashers race with skiffle being blurred the marks;
All dews in the air settle down whilst getting at first nectar jerkwater;
Double Tenth bodes marriage season to rear love child but renegade.

Just Mathew, Lost In Marks and Spenser, Chewkacca and Pickle Boy
burn the wind on the right track dibs; the signs lie low to be prankish.
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Alleys, lanes, streets and compounds spare a talking of bird-and-bees.

Just Bill jumps on fever pitch to exclaim the others as hitting a mark;
Filthy Habit’s gruff voice for detecting On On makes the welkin ring;
Pouring through a pocket park sketches in a slight chill of late autumn,
Arched stone bridge, disperse furloughed bush and rippled lake surface.

Benz Over, Banana Hammock, Rabbit, Fire In The Hole and Just Shane
jog along the sight of front runners’s backs with pleasantry and whatnot;
The walkers guided by co-hares Mind The Gap and Comes By Herself
drink at two jerkwaters in the first instance; May Not Come’s on the dry.

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GM Comes On Vacation airily impresses a gambit with a limbs cabaret;
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