Evil EyeThe evil eye is a specific type of magical curse. It is believed to cause harm, illness and even death.


“I have the bucktooth. Who can stop me?”A vampire booms out in front of the mirror.

But we don’t have bucktooth and just cross-dress with bugaboo style to pass through the public. Everybody can stop us. The audience won’t, though. The most of locals ken it’s a fete for Halloween or All Saints’ Day. Nearly 50 hashers with outlandish costumes have turned into a flowing fancy ball, where the hashers are dazzling through, where’s calling forth a burst of laughters, in particular from the children, all eyes in the streets and alleys are fixing on alleged witches and sorcerers and je ne sais quoi.

The hare team masqueraded more as a fashion of spiderman by shuffling on a toe box in flowery pattern separately, look like so dapper and so robust, they are Cums On Vacation, Ferrari and Sleazy Rider who’s half-naked with his peculiar protective fine hair on his body and a mini-backpack behind his back, belike a knight. They are beholden to uphold a justice.

If setting up somewhat dressing awards, the Gargoyle Hash Oscar should be sent to Kiss My Maple Leaf for his elaborate disguise, crowns a white high chef hat on his long curly wig, pastes a blinking eye-lash on right lower eyelid not upper eyelid, comes together with a long apron and with more originality of clutching an electric iron with a long powerline, it seems that he is about to iron out any twisted soul momentarily; the Bloody Mary Hash Oscar should be delivered to Just Parti, whose make-up is best effect by foundation cream, panda eyes, life-like bloodstains are spotted on her face and frock, it seems that she just mopped up her bloody prey.

There are more virgins and visitors today than normal Hash event, which betokens that more people come to celebrate the autumn harvest of Celt and Roman in memory, howbeit don’t have sight of too much jack-o’-lantern along the trail. Lo! Just Jaze with agile stride with inconspicuous accessories spearheads out of Hash bandwagon; at two beer stops, a German family of hashers, the father pretends local landlord with skull cap, hand out a pack of candies on their own initiative to other hashers, who did trick-or-treating? No idea; Just Shawn without makeup honored to achieve her Hash Handle from latest Boxer event christened Honey I Am Late. There must be a treacly story happened behind this sweet name; Transylvestite realistically titivates in an uniform of local security guard from head to foot, without blood residue.

Banana Hammock pretties up two trickles of black clot on his cheek from dark rim of eyes, cannot distinguish the gore from teardrop; Life Of Pee still keeps the whim of James’s Hamster in grooming a suit of golden sportswear, golden running shoes, golden smiling mask and medicine-flavored James’s Hamster’s whiskey; Pickle Boy’s skeleton package comes across sameness with the gown of Benz Over, with the mask of Just Joe, with style of Hard To Live With; Ahoy! Bearded Clam plainly attires an outfit of pajama; CumShot’s guise is like a fashion show; Drill Me primps to be a China Qing Dynast’s feudal lady with her garish headgear; Just Math’s checkered shirt matches with a buckaroo hat; Dazed &Confused wears a swelling afro-wig capped a top hat dons a fresh business suit being straight as a ramrod, still latin stylish zombie.

Some don’t prink for the costume party in this very day, perhaps could ride out during the remaining days within one entire year, perhaps don’t believe there’s impeccable Frankenstein in the world, perhaps will be the viewer, perhaps…more than that: Lost In Marks and Spencer, Little Red Shit Hood, Bjorn Again, Master Baker, Spermaid, Nut Pirate, Red Snatcher, Fire In The Hole, On Your Knees, Dragon Lady, Pussy Breaker, Dog Pounder, May Not Come, virgins and visitors.

After Hash pageant parades through the busy thoroughfare and a crowed park, the poltergeist circle is shaped on a slate esplanade in a puny open garden is presided by GM Cums On Vacation and RA Dazed &Confused as always, at a time when nobody can be functioning as a SongMaster, a young lady from Cal. belts out resonant Hash songs as deus ex machina. All hail and all be high. The moonshine keeps it longer for the light of hashers until demanding to grab the local grub. Nobody ossified to the golem and then small part taxi to Paddy’s for hearing the stroke of midnight. Yeehaw……