All Hail The Queen

 All Hail The Queen

Fortunately in which the wind is blowing away the airpocalypse, a blue sky peeps out a cleaning face to see off a great hasher Dry Hole to airport before he hosts a Hash mass for a starting run in the heart of city. About 40 Hash scholars and scientists are shaking off the restraints of nations and races for a kick of workout, seems to immerse in chocolate efficacy as a favorite pursuit of capable Doggie Fondu in swiss swing, as hare for her last time prior to her night flight, in good sooth for centuries, the cacao treated fevers, coughs, pains of childbirth, heart health, lowering blood pressure and preventing the hardening of arteries.

There’s a spark of difference from previous ones, from every wine stop, all hares head to put the new message instruction. In other words, once the hashers get lost, no hare can prompt a hint, likewise, the marks are required to have to be precise and clear-cut. At first Open Check, Life Of Pee, Comes On Vacation and Pickle Boy lose their bearing. By asking the locals to locate the right route. While eyeing a sign at a turning to be many ways, but neglected the arrow of mark is pointing in an oblique direction, sticking around for awhile and finally attentive Doggie Fondu backtracks to pick up them to catch up with others.

The confluence for local football match mingles with Hash line-up. The outfits of Twinkle Balls and Spank My Hide are sparkling with vigour and beauty; out of nowhere Dazed and Confused and CumShot pop into the group of hashers; Just Joe and Just John steam ahead to hunt for a way out; active puppy is poles apart quiet American pet called Busy in the fold of Pussy Break; At first wine stop, co-hare Horny On Top is in a hurry-scurry to fill the beer for hashers; Master Baker fishes out patrimonial bakery snack, the hashers snap them up in jig time, yummy for Xmas in advance; some remain silent with fancy attire such as Just Parti and Fire In The Hole; Honey I Am Late beams smiling wisdom all along and runs harder than ever.

Before getting hold of second wine stop, all hashers lapse into impasse and Shit Trail in a lane. Then return along the coming trail for a last mark. On the multi-pronged path, still cannot be pathfinder. Have to phone the hare for a reminder. Chippendale, Just Christ, Lost In Marks and Spencer, Nut Pirate, Benz Over, On Your Knees, Just Victoria, Just Nina, Dog Pounder, Hard To Live With and Spermaid bring others out to the marked bar street to break down; a local female newcomer drinks a big bowl of hot water at eatery as opposed to cold beer. On the homestretch, there’s a sale table on the curb for promoting imported red wine that entertains most hashers with a short drink apiece, by accident, chance upon extra third wine stop.

Streets and alleyways under a clear day emblazons chromatic cityscape for winter begins, not least embassy area, aligned gingko and maple trees flanked on the lane, with yolk yellow shed leaves spreading out a layer in a tract of streets, which attracts a flock of shutterbugs. What Kiss My Maple Leaf pulls a gag to steal the show in front of the lens, as long as he skims over, carries along the laughters in fits; Sleazy Rider, Waiting For It, Bearded Clam and some brush across the street blocks and small creek, neither forward, nor sideways, either do the fallen leaves blanket the marks on the ground, or being disoriented by smell of rotten plant emitting in the air, verily hash it out to Paddy’s home flying the seat of their pants.

In the quadrature of the circle, Pretty Woman tugging his big packs looks like just finishing a sausage rummage sale shows up; Black Turd seems to live at Paddy’s turns up with Mind The Gap by extension; GM Comes On Vacation summons Hash subject in terms of procedure for newcomers and Long Time No See; RA Dazed and Confused counts out a list of tipping points, e,g., Rabbit’s hairdo was since cut to bingle, almost did she change to another person; CumShot as shopper in the middle has been not fussbudgety, and so on; Banana Hammock awards Kiss My Maple Leaf a set of pink enchanting tank top with good lacework, While KMML dresses it on, the quality displays a long stretch and foils him more oomph that courts a blast of screams and yuks, specially Paddy’s projects a searchlight on the circle in good time; Master Baker exemplifies the most numbers as a nation joining Hash on the spot, like China and Germany, in sequence, USA, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Iran, Columbia, Malaysia, etc; Pickle Boy comes up with a vector being better in quality than quantity; onlooker like Dragon Lady and some newcomers.

Indian food pipes down the passions and the observance of most hashers, delicious and enjoyable. Just Sam pitches in her stomach that seems to have been her common practice by taking part in Hash supper only; When drawing to an end, Bjorn Again makes his appearance for his Hash drinking; what kind of things can be not constrained by the boundaries and the beliefs of the countries in the world? That would be found out more in participating Hash in the sweep of knowledge. It’s like that chocolate must be beloved by everyone.