Creation of Adam


The Creation of Adam’ is one of the nine ceiling panels in the Sistine Chapel depicting scenes from the book of Genesis.


          Heliacal motion

demonstrates the balAnce;

               Sublunar glorification

conveys sap of youtH.

the weatHered critter

needs tO lie low,

rake oUt

innermoSt calmness

and homEotherapy.


aeolotropic Homologies

play sAme game

in diffeRent forms,

to Remind

the deIties

   of bEing happy




Highlighted Screenshot:

In the testimony of Hash collegial panel, Just Nina braves to accept her Hash handle Pussy Nipple with a beer baptismal ceremony as she’s required to knee down in the nave of circle by stripping down to last layer under the charge of RA Dazed and Confused as hare, due to coldness of early winter, the hashers don’t shower the icy beer on her body, except to RA’s for a bit symbolism, resounding Hash chorus spills the warm over her, though; Just Andrew makes a show by blowing a leaf to give out attenuate vocality, but is not louder than the sound of which Just Joe’s bottle beer slips down the ground to pieces that woos a peal of shriek, maybe the decibel level stacks up against that of stream of clustered vehicles on the mainroad beside Hash circle, nevertheless some timorous residents in the building on another side of Hash circle called 110.

Soon three student-looking policemen without any English language skill burst in on Hash’s celebration with their long faces by violently insisting on searching for Pickle Boy’s ID, maybe he just interpretes the situation in local language to them while being inquired. PB is reluctant to hand his ID over them. After they read his ID number to their head office for a check, can hear a female buzz on their interphone, “Normal!” Then they let go of PB. While they ask D&C for his ID or passport, D&C rejects it with explanation in English. PB counter-questions, “which one do you want, either of stopping us and lowering our voice?” The cops dictate, “Just lower the voice. Don’t bother other. Don’t keep long time here.” And go away.

GM Comes On Vacation continues to finish the final part in undertones. The hashers have to whisper, feel like for sleeping time. About a couple of minutes later on, wrap it up as far as the hasher can and flock in a local restaurant for a tack. Taking note of some locals inside to glance at the hashers with jaundice eyes. They must figure what those group of outlandish people are going on, mostly out of curiosity. Holy One! in hope of their kindness and understanding.

On ancient alleyway in all directions for a trail, seems to ferret out the original wells over 700 years ago, because each Hutong in Bejing depended on a well to be built up at the very beginning. The wells in fact had gone earlier, Hutong function has lagged behind holistic trend. Green co-hare Chip and Dale overruns first beer stop with many hashers; CumShot as a walking hare just marshals 2 walkers for a squirm like Master Baker and Bjorn Again.

Just Jaze scuds before the hashers all the way; Filthy Habit still roars out his heavy metal groove of high pitch as he hits the sign ahead, which double-ensures that none of hasher get lost; Somewhat hashers click the pictures for other hashers, such as Sleazy Rider and newcomers, specially an all hashers family photo at a Hash Hold where a polished place displays a number of Taiwanese elements; Life Of Pee treats the hashers with dainty peanuts at second beer stop and local liquor ErWoTou at restaurant to feel indigenous old-fogyish dolce far niente.

Cast of Characters: nearly 40 rugged individuals. The rest include Lost in Marks and Spencer, Benz Over, Honey I Am Late, Banana Hammock, Fire in the Hole, Just John (muscular and bashful), Nut Pirate, Just Hop, Transylvestite, Rabbit, Just Math, Bearded Clam, Just Victoria, Just Parti, Just Iane, W7, May Not Come and newbies.

Pick-Me-Up: 2 big cases of perished beer

Weather: breezy, balmy, lucid sky that cannot judge the true and false.