A New Theory of Black Hole

One theory of a newly discovered type of black-hole quasar suggests gas flows into a central black hole. More frequent particle collisions close to the black hole make the gas hot in regions that are closer to the center (shown in blue and white). Regions further away are cooler (yellow and orange).

Beijing Hash event idled once. The prosopagnosia is more pronounced for one third freshers of over fifty hashpeople on the spot, all of whom are the bulk of local young English language buffs and tend to tag along with bounty hunters for two Wild Turkeys on the trail, speculating about a pre-Thanksgiving that Puritans and the locals whoop up a harvest together, working both ways.

GM Comes On Vacation summons an explanation session on the curb, more than that, to greenhorns for which matters need attention, notably declares a manifesto of benediction that a few broadsheets of colored pictorial indeed is written and drawn by the hare Life Of Pi who always makes up somewhat fancy gadget for hasher, it’s like his Hash handle to evolve Pi’s variation with prime number calibrated by his hare partner Lost in Marks and Spencer to scrub out Pee’s chemical composition, an alternative energy as a powerhouse. And he is solely disappearing in a sneaky way. Teehee…

With a smart call for Open Check by GM, all chromatic hashers rejoicing at the trance are dispersing to seek the floured mark in diverse directions. The most are to run for dispelling a nip of chill in the hiemal season. How Long, Sleazy Rider, Dreaming Flyer and others first locate the sign out of stalemate, one by one mealy dots and short lines are mingling with sporadic white chalked marks direct Hash runners through the hutongs, residential quarters, farmer’s market and streets. Owing to ragged discretion at the Open Check or Two Way and kinetic disparity, many lose their ways on varying degree.

At the roadside bosk, running smash into Yggdrasil where red-tinted chalked guideposts attract some down to a underground passage, along the crankling street to be the stinky first beer shop in an alley where Nipple alone has sat down the step can be sighted in a long distance. A small group hit it, such as Misled, Placenta, Noah’s Arse, Pickle Boy,etc, holding up with puzzle for awhile, Life Of Pi somehow turns up and reveals the riddle, that the first group got a shortcut. Later on, the rest of runners and walkers led by walking hare Knob In Hood in succession are in the presence of first pit stop. Flailing and swinging melt in drinking and talking in minutes.

Moving forward by a sound of Check Out from GM. But the location is where a sinuate tiny hutong looks like a trash dump with acrid stench. Deceptive marks lure a bunch to the dead end and then backtrack to the mark-free pathway. Only seeing How Long to bullet to search each way with exclusivity, Shitty Trail baits a long pull with spoof signs to measure the spanker’s strength, but pent-up hashers brook no delay to course through the right trail intimated by the hare. As a matter of fact, there have seen certain marks on numerous different trails. As sure as fate, overstamina and misjudgement result in the brainiac to be baffling, save that being across a campus on the winding asphalt bypath amid the buildings.

Perhaps some paths are well-trodden toward some hashers. From time to time, just following the foregoers is fool-proof reassurance. The second beer stop rises to view on the roadside. The runners and walkers gather in opportune time again. Blissful merriment sublimes the raised ale with hobnob. Pickle Boy raps off his findings, i.e., longest English word is composed of 45 letters called pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconioses and whether or not the thorium betters the energy amenity than uranium, coal and oil gas, etc., safely and economically, for a pressing air-pollution solution. The marching call rings out by GM.

Skeeting on the side of mainroad with stream of heavy traffic. There seems, in accordance with the law of the universe, to a race happening between upbeat gas and downbeat dust, dream and reality, spirit and material, sense loaded, cannot give up the right way to be home, even as losing the waymarks and the front figures of hashers else. Following one’s nose to inerrable orientation of a starting point that is a finishing point as well. Luckily, still can eye a scrap of waygoing marks and go forward negative direction, a detached restaurant stands clandestinely in sight out of blue. Blimey! Round-tripper. A handful of fellows give a high five each other.

The concentric circle takes place on the curb of lane of the poor turnout. GM as usual officiates at the intraday review. First off, the hares have to bouse and accompanied by the cheers of on-site ensemble, a round by a round for a gratitude in which the hares served the hashers’s purpose. Processized performance preludes for much of newcomers on the scene, e.g.,self-introduction, gift-presenting and a grand chorus of the Beijing Hash Song, then a prominent segment, Life Of Pi’s shtick as hare entertains all hashers with a concoction that two haw apples are dunked in Wild Turkey Whiskey in each papercup beforehand, quaint, which typifies that Wild Turkey didn’t turn into wild goose chase for hashers. At last Comes On Vacation vectors everybody to a home of the soul by singing in chorus with all together, namely, International Hash Hymn.

The half enjoy the JiangXi-style homely dishes in a roomy and clean environment. For the record, there are other hashers alike thereunder scrutinizing the interaction of inside and outside of body in the course of hashing, Hard To Live With, Just Christ, Red Snatcher, Rabbit, Benz Over, Just Math, Chip and Dale(going shopping and got lost downright), Nut Pirate, Just Cathy, Just Victoria, Little Red Shit Hood, On Your Knees, Ten Times, Drill Me, Bearded Clam, Just Brison, Fire in the Hole, Bjorn Again, Just Bonny, Just Parti, virgins and unbeknownsts.

Hash Trash Run #1622