Symmetry of Harmony and Consummation

A single-cell fresh water algae and desmids. The red in the image comes from the innate fluorescence of chlorophyll. Organisms include concentric from the outermost in. The symmetry symbolizes a harmony and consummation.

Santa Lucia brightens up the season of kindness and love;
Banana Hammock drifts away to sow her holy seed afield;
GM Life Of Pee as hare crayons her effigy on the ground;
Co-GM Dazed and Confused summons 50-odd Hash elfs.

Warm and fuzzy air catalyzes the blood coming to the boil;
Benz Over as purse bearer picks Hash cash conscientiously;
Just Karachi performs his tai chi dance full of enthusiasm;
Sleazy Rider barrels in the all directions without the mark.

A small group get stuck in situ although phoning the hare,
such as Comes On Vacation,Pickle Boy,Just Darren,others.
Latercomers run on the trail of walker to be first beer stop,
e.g.Lost In Marks and Spencer,Just Cathy,Noah’s Arse,etc.

Afterward the running group turn up led by the spearheads
like Dreaming Semen,Just Jazes,Just Victoria,Just Hop,etc.
Some losing the way miss the first beer shop like Rabbit,
Nut Pirate, Undulator,Fire In The Hole,newcomers,so on.

The hare disappears in advance to set next random route;
The walkers make it snappy to move forward with view,
they’re Knob In Hood,Just Chris,Hard To Live With,etc.
Puppy grows up to be tallowy in attendance on CumShot.

Bucketing through residential zone, canal and green park.
Honking spaghetti junction reveals a world of difference
from a quiet along the bank of canal,marks up and down;
Chip and Dale,Ten Times seem to be straggled in the rear.

At the second beer stop, all runners and walkers assemble,
each hasher holds a banana to pitch up a banana archway,
Banana Hammock steps through in waves of shouts of joy,
pompous scene attracts a number of passers to have a look.

The beloved leaver later goes to finish homestretch’s sign;
Either do hares take its tick slow or hashers cut the corner,
Hares’re caught in the middle of blazing the trail by hasher;
As hashers hit the home, seeing Six Kuai Short missed out.

The circel rite’s familiar location and hashers put words on
the gift book towards the leaver for keeps; hares clear up
the fact that they did set down the sign in the starting area;
Some overlooked them so they were out of running track.

May Not Come and Come By Herself slip off of the circle;
Trophy crown with 4 candles’s capped on the head of co-
hare Bjorn Again representing Swedish Lucia, achieves his
100th Hash mug; 4 bananas’s crown tops Banana Hammock.

Hares elaborately cooked up the mulled wine mixed with
raisins and peanuts in papercup that spices up all hashers;
Co-hare Waiting For It’s up to her eyes in passing drinks;
Jolly Green Knob as Songmaster chants each laudable Pi.

On Your Knees plays her phone beyond circle all the time;
Red Snatcher and Mistress fly low beforehand elsewhere;
Cozy ambience of Irish bar’s as desirable as their hot pizza;
Ingenious Life Of Pee’s homemade cake conquers all tums;

Sleazy Ride pairs a smokey-eyes make-up by Noah’Arse;
Just Jazes fluently speaks Russian language with a bargirl;
Kiss My Maple Leaf, Ferrari and Asshole Sucker at latest.
The members of Alfheim nestle among a bosom of family.