Star Struck 

The star TW Hydrae is surrounded by its disk of gas and dust, which is regarded as a prototypical example of planetary nurseries, is greater than was previously assumed. The finding suggests that even in a relatively old stellar system like TW Hydrae (estimated to be between 3 million and 10 million years old), there is still ample matter in the disk to form a planetary system larger than our own. TW Hydrae is just 176 light-years from Earth.

Politics is a management of energy transformation between the humanity and the nature through which meritocracy prevails against kleptocracy for the sake of SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS of human race. It’s time to take stock at every end of year. What do you accomplish a proliferation inside from the interchange of the gain and loss outside? Whether or not you show-jump the stumbling blocks of culture, language, custom, history and otherwise, to be instinctive and charismatic? The hashers are answering them by riding on the law of the universe, thanks to the weather to vouchsafe a sunny day.

Yestereve Hash New Year hotpot dinner mustered by GM Life Of Pee entertained about twenty hashers and an extra large bottle of whoopee water livened the spot up and celebrated as well the birthday of LOP that happened along. Afterwards swanned around the downtown time-honored hutong for 30 mins or so and a simple circle ritual connected a moonless night for a Full Moon Hash by howling skyward. Then, swung into a music bar where some hashers spoke their body languages to segue a freewheeling version of choreography till in the wee hours of morning at 1pm around.

There are a bevy of young newcomers flocking to Sunday hashing. More than forty hashers come to gather life’s roses. Just Andrew magically crushes out a slit on a plastic bottle of water to suckle the liquid, harps on: “a son of b**th.” Perhaps he could get his Hash handle shortly; the most Hash runners spread out to search for the mark and spend a quite time to pinpoint the first sign in place. The hares, Six Kuai Short and Rubbit stand around to snigger; the alleys and lanes fill with the forms of hashers in droves and resound with the calling once in a while, “On on.” The marks at Three Way and Open Check do jack around the spearhead of hashers, such as Waiting For It, Nibble, Life Of Pee, Pickle Boy, Lost In Mark and Spencer, Just Darren, Undulator, Little Red Shit Hood, Creamy Lips and so on.

“Clank. Clank…”grinding from a kind of shoes and bituminous street, it’s Noah’s Arse who dresses a formal attire and skirt, sure enough, her step-in leather shoes strums on the ground with her rhymes because it seems like she didn’t go home for a change of clothes from the party last night; moreover, some have not showed up for Sunday hashing by tripping out the binge midnight, i,e,. Chip and Dale who later tramped solo around Sanlitun bar street over night; Headmistress’s as same as being high all night dealt with her fan of local musician; Just Jazes finally danced in his seventh heaven and had one over the eight; there are the part who are able to appear on the following day in a row and met the selves with a potential choreographer, e,g., Six Kuai Short, CumShot, Red Snatcher, Just Benny, Pickle Boy, Fire In The Hole who in particular turned on and a tableau vivant.

Careering along the streets, overpass and across two ecological parks. The surface of lake is frozen to toughness, but nobody dares to skate on. A lady hasher from Tianjin displays her ability of a vector of judgment and velocity at the forked trail, with her sturdy piloting voice, “On on…”

GM Dazed and Confused on the same wavelength with a good day runs ahead seldom; skin exhibitionist exposes more or less, such as Short Shift, Pickle Boy and RA Chewcacca who all the way holds a pen and a notebook to jot down idiosyncratic going affairs for the circle ceremony later on; the runners converge on two beer stops with the walkers guided by the walking hare Bearded Clam; even if the marks were placed into a dispersive path without regularity, the hashers are willing to probe, to a degree, not only for realistic trail, but also for inspiring the inner man, don’t you?

The down-down circle is settled in an extensive high-rise residential quarter. GM D&C and RA Chewcacca by turns carries on their function. Of all things, per the procedure, the newcomers come forward in the circle to accept a keychain with a logo of BJH3 on hanging cock as their keepsake piecemeal and all hashers on site belt out Beijing Hash Song; Just Karachi pops up for the circle; Life Of Pee and Six Kuai Short both wears new shoes. By the book of Hash, they have to drink the beer in the own one new shoe for freakish fun;
Novel Cumshot and D&C were considerate to make to order a chocolate birthday cake for Life Of Pee and after he snuffs out all couples of lit candles on the cake, all those presents are as happy as a lark under the charge of hashers who present a proper Hash song for that memorable moment;

All of a sudden, a raucous outcry in glib English jumps out of a window at fourth floor of a living building next to our circle, “Lower your voice!! Otherwise I’ll call the police.” It’s actually 5pm around. The hashers have to press down the progress. Just Chris acquires his Hash name, now he will be known as CRASH TEST DUMMY. While he knees down and drops off his T-shirt to be semi-bare in the circle, a police car pulls over to halt it till the ceremony is finished but Rubbit as a proper hare explains the situation to them in two ticks. The hashers whip up the rest of observance with a rackety setting, till closing the circle with the newly induced tradition “Oggy Time”. The half tuck in hearty local food and cozy environment. Just Sam and Drill Me bob up for a tack only.

The bottom line is that the people entering into the sport of sort sense happy; the people being happy is able to be self-conscious. This easy ripple effect is more likely to favor the rectitude and the democracy. If being abhorrent to it, the badness is certain of growing worse.

On on

Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
December 31, 2013