Four Orders Of Magnitude


Clocked the speed of spooky action at a distance — the seemingly instantaneous interaction between entangled quantum particles — at more than four orders of magnitude faster than light. Their equipment and methodology doesn’t allow for an exact speed, but four orders of magnitude puts the figure at around 3 trillion meters per second.

Hit the road without a moment’s respite;
Stride across civilization and barbarism;
Narrow down vulgarity gap to self-identity;
Not to fret at a change to throw you for a loop;
Viewers see firmness from the back of hashers;
New mismanagement keeps eyes on the ball;
juice is present for hashers’s highs and lows;
You’re bound to be cornucopia in New Year.

A seance-esque circle that empowered by more than forty hashers is on schedule taken place under a iced river bridge where a bustling venue is swamped with tourists at an open park, as is a first Hash event in New Year. The eye-catching hares, RA Comes On Vacation dressing an orange pantsuit of bunny-shaped outfit and capping a steel pan fastening on her head; Pussy Nibble attiring a green pantsuit of crocodile-formed outfit and heading a steel pan binding up the lower jaw with a string; Crash Test Dummy as walking hare alike topping a plastic pan; How endearing a hare combination is! The packed audience on the bridge and river bank outnumbers hashers on the spot threefold and clicking the pictures is devoid of taking a break.

Co-GM Dazed and Confused as usual itemizes the titbit to cull the drinkers in the cricle; RA COV vis-a-vis coronates our cherished Live Of Pee as GM with a glittering pixie hat, all hashers hail to his merited glory; Nut Pirate as a professional “accuser” at Accusation Time indicts a slush pile of complaints and compliments, who as well wins a stack of sanitary pad for his headgear; Bonnie turns out to typecast her Hash handle as Hebei Horse Herpes after the hashers’s rap group on the boil, but she’s down on her knees in the circle without the beer baptism; such and such. No matter what the people can understand it or not, live visual impact has attracted the eyeballs of any passer-by. The persona grata momentum of hashers in 2014 could outstrip the top-grossing actor Dwayne Johnson.

Of necessity or a fluke at all, there have been a succession of the clear days on Sundays for Hash scenes. Balmy sunshine and bracing air photosynthesize auto-catalytic process of hashers. Summer time sparkplugs the solar terms in winter dominion.

Likewise, every starting point of late baffles the hashers to move on nowhere for a short time, at a 180 degrees. Betting one’s boots on it that plays a Hash edition of hide and seek. Lo and behold! Just Jazes hotfoots like antelope and tut-tuts on the ground with his plantigrade way, still with no sign for a way out; Twinkle Balls treads on the heels of JJ; Just Victoria’s like a blooming lotus in bright tightfitting gymsuit runs a sprint (disappears as the circle kicks off later); on account of the road condition being strewn with the crowd and multi-pronged alleys, at last, the hashers rightly work on the marked trail prompted by the hand of hare. The next, it’s not big deal in making headway with constant agitation, “On on…Two Way…Open Check…” soon afterwards, the runners and walkers rendezvous at the first beer shop. Just Andrew’s neo-feature is that his one hand was rehashed a pirates hook but he still wears a pair of spectacles not a blinder, he in fact never changes the tasselled cuffs of his ultralong jean to broom the dirt whatever he stands and moves; Chip and Dale is in the middle of keying in his phone to translate English words for a talking and learning.

Devouring the way. A maze of Hutongs bewilders the hashers in Summer shorts such as LOP, Pickle Boy, Just Benny and the few; as likely as not, the steel pans on the top of hares receive the charged particles from their Pastafarian to guide a wandering Hutongs. By chance, the locals lie fallow in the Hutongs point at a direction from time to time, “This way…They passed through.” The runners merely reach at the second beer stop for a replenishment for minutes. While intending to move forward, beyond thought, there’s still a runner coming up, it’s On Your Knees who is approaching to us, in her slow motion with steadfast and precise navigation, the runners all give her a hurrah.(She vanishes as the circle sets out later on); the last part is fulfilled at ease, just feel a short trail today, but enough to awaken to enjoy a good day. Sissi would like to more run by continuing to shuffle to and fro around the home restaurant where it is seated in a congested avenue.

Other Hash panelists on site: Little Red Shit Hood, Bjorn Again, Undulator, Red Snatcher, Just Chris, Just Wendy, Just Cathy, Many Stones Too Much, Rubbit, Six Kuai Short, Bearded Clam, Just Huihui, CumShot, Just Karachi, Transylvestite and newcomers. The half dine on Yunan style dishes, especially the noodle that don’t taste an electrolyte, then Dreaming Semen and his life partner in full fig spring out as if treading the boards of pas de deux.