Crowded and Polluted Festa

 Crowded and Polluted Festa

The constant rumble of firecrackers charms away the monster Nian,
soupy sulphur smoke from fireworks at that worsened air pollution.
Traditional gaudy day for family reunion evolves into Trojan horse.
Brisk wind blows away haze downgrade for Hash event up to time.

Nearly thirty joyous hashers catapult into streets with tight squeeze.
Elbow way through strip serried snack market town center, pungent.
Hares, Dry Hole and Horny On Top put Hash column in order anew;
Lost In Mark and Spencers first gets at the chalk way at loose ends.

Former imperial garden brings hashers forth a sequestered moment.
The throng of tourists under foot of Forbidden City scatter hashers.
Make the welkin ring for calling On On that enables hashers lineup.
Waiting For It carves out a way to first beer stop at a busy roadside.

A handful of Hash walkers guided by walking hare On Your Knees
have been there to shoot the breeze one another and had a drinking.
Knob In Hood aids to open the bottle of beer; Pickle Boy exposes
his skin like in a summer day after a run; hashers became a scenery.

Yet another historic imperial garden lifts hashers a height for a view.
The swarms of travellers still are in an endless stream at every turn.
Six Kuai Short spares no effort to locate a descending whereabouts;
Nut Pirate prefers to speak with hashers such as CC and newcomers.

Often sight the previous chalk mark on the trail as much as the past.
Puppy’s frightened by the bang of firework in the distance to raucity;
The runners and walkers gather together at second beer stop wayside;
Just Nancy from Qingdao comes along with Beijing hashers specially.

There are two families partaking to stretch their legs like CumShot’s
parents and Just Karachi’s son; Dragon Lady disappeared a century
and re-emerges with much more quietness; Bjorn Again rachets up
his ale onto his saunter; Crash Test Dummy’s big smile is winsome.

Voguish Co-GM Dazed And Confused knocks about closing stage;
Just Michelangela gets into the swing of running to quit her smoke;
Too Stone hones a skill of running and sense of direction for good;
Caring GM Life Of Pee and Co-GM host a circle with ad-hocracy.

SongMaster DH reveals self-fulfilling prophecy in his innate hymn;
A dainty chocolate cake is presented by GMs for birthday of HOT;
A half meal copious dumplings with omega Swing Low of cantata;
Inept heritage reminded prosperity discovers vice, adversity virtue.