Dragonfly Sex


Dragonfly sex is a very conspicuous event, easily recognized
by the heart-shaped “wheel” formation of mating pairs.

The land is clad with an expanse of winter snow in the train of an entire dry year. Although the snowfall happened a few days ago, the snowpack can be seen anywhere and is evaporating a blast of cold air. Three goddesses of love match in a dead heat with sufficient sunbeam to convey the warmth toward a matter of thirty hashers in spirits. It’s those three damsels as virgin hares who changed the rounded sign of Open Check to the cordiform one called Make Love on the trail, with their originality in the history of Hash.

The circle ceremony is celebrated at a frontage of an unobtrusive Uyghur restaurant in a lane. GM Life Of Pee who got glacial action empowers Transylvestite to preside over the ecclesia of hashers. By all odds, the hares have to be stepped in the circle to birl their gig accompanied by the cheers of other hashers, a cup by a cup, a lap by a lap. The high time is for some hashers to attain height of their Hash names, godfather-ish GM LOP recommends several proposed names for each, i.e., adorable Just Victoria is lionized to be on her knees down the navel of circle. After all spot hashers enter into a panel discussion, screen out a Hash handle up her alley dubbed Teddy Secret as lingerie designer branded Teddy;

Just Louis cannot hold back to ask a beer shower for her baptism. He reckons without it that the next is him whom wins his Hash name as well, then, masculine upper part lays bare and on his knees in the circle by the folkway of Hash. GM LOP by the same token puts some options to ventilation, finally hash out West Side Farter to prove himself to be a PhD for bio-gas engineering at west location of city with wish fulfillment of beer bath from blessing of other hashers, even so a oversized diapers attires his headband. What a class acts the hashers are! Between times CC stands in a stopgap SongMaster for shticks by her songs; In the end, Transyvestite leads a chorus as whole for a Swing Low, three versions. The half have a Hash meal.

The presentation for dos and don’ts of Hash by hare Just Benny is impressive. She seems like a docent in earnest to annotate every Hash symbol on the sidestep under of wall in spite of two half newcomers only, clear and precise for Hash academics.

In comparison with erst-while path, these beloved trails exhibit the cookie-cutter street blocks. There are a spot of hutongs in the beginning of leg of journey. The most part the hashers pass through the intersections with traffic lights, foot bridges, open-air garden on the roadside and sporadic slushy avenue as well as a puny sculpture park that charged five kuai for an admission furnishes Hash runners to snapshot together forlornly. Galloping ahead round and round, such as Dreaming Semen, Bearded Clam, Just Alex, Just Mike, Just Chris, Just Michael and Lost In Mark and Spencers,etc.

On the groundbreaking thing, there is merely one beer stop on the trail. The justification from the lady hares is that the weather is too chilly and rather, nor the beer for dinner later on. And have to order the bottles pro re nata. Thanks for thoughtfulness of lady hares. The runners and walkers as usual rendezvous at exclusive beer station on the service road. Crash Test Dummy, HeadMistress and Just Karachi seem to form a walking rap session; Just Olesya holds a long lens camera to shoot the scene; Just Aloe smiles smile along the way; Just Wendy (spectacled one)still talks with friends from English Corner part; Red Snatcher has few words wearing new geminated queue; Benz Over is like a shadow wafting with the wind in a silence and rejoicing; Six Kuai Short as latecomer who pops in the hashers matrix gives rise to the screams of hashers;

On Your Knees again runs the red light in the zebra crossing as a jaywalker while in formidable array of diverse vehicles roar past before the hashers; Nut Pirate escorts the lady hares to carry the heavy stuff on the route, like the bottles of water and paper cups; Pickle Boy seems to research the cryonics by putting on the jersey afresh as he chevies to sweat; Walking hare Just Wendy scurries to help an injured Hash little boy while minority walkers sashay back the starting point on their own.

When tapering at the end of road, turning around the beaten path. Surprisingly found, whooped many special signs for Make Love but have to move forward as soon as possible. Didn’t have time and energy to experience the love, though. On one’s way, any food is a snack. Do you?