Draconic Feudal Society


The roof of the Hall of Supreme Harmony is decorated with dragons, which denoted a longest Feudal society in the history of humankind. And the superstition has never stopped poisoning the blood of those who are under-educated, especially after reached the wealth oneway, with painful happy lifestyle or being pachyderm.

Euphoric fireworks for a time flushed with high scores of PM 900 for a last day of Chinese New Year in series. Three grades of advance warnings for sore air pollution such as blue, orange and red have been overshadowed by harlequin firecrackers studded in the morbid sky. Local authority is writ large delinquent in balance, so so so what! The colossal inertia earlier steamrolls any golden rule. It’s reputed as when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Not to speak of the interest groups who/which have been shaped without the murder ones in terms of the factitious criminal law.

Full Moon Hash event was on the heels of afterheat of Valentine’s day by gathering about twenty young elites from all over the world, hared by Bearded Clam, Six Kuai Short, Dreaming Semen, Just Aloe and Just Olesya. Inhalable Particulate Matter had been keeping 500 mcg/cubic meter or so. For health more or less, the running gave way to the walking in meandering hazy hutongs downtown for awhile, talking, drinking and eating indoor and ultimately dancing in racketed, crowded nightclub came into play for a Hash run till the wee hours, exhausted and inebriated. The most can’t take part in the following day’s event any more.

Sixteen souls experienced an adaptability to lousy environment in accordance with Hash anchored time on Sunday afternoon. Oddly enough, before got to the running place, PM was 309. after changed the clothes for one hour around, PM reduced to 227 staked out and declared by GM Life Of Pee, forthwith, there were a burst of acclamations from the hashers because the index below PM300 relatively beseems to run outdoor, even though international standard of PM2.5 delimited 75 per day on average. As a matter of fact, the wind was blowing off.

Just Aloe (all Full Moon Hash) in haute couture was on a par with pinup lookers of the poster in the public. LOP hailed her to photograph with her counterparts in the poster as a model eyeful; to be drumhead of searching any nook for a Hash sign in busy main streets. Just Michelangela fulfilled her duty as a hare as much dedicated as great Michelangelo in High Renaissance; shortly after winded through somewhat alleyways, three garden-styled campuses met the eyes of hashers, one edifice by one edifice inside and outside in different genres, some quite fresh and pretty tranquil, seem to imply a Revival of Learning at hand. Another hare, tenacious Six Kuai Short was watching over each hasher to shun to lose the way, with a shade of tips from him; the marks loomed the big size in colors but placed on light-colored settings such as the marbled wall and pitted bole,etc, were hardly found out, though. By the way, in sight of super-small mark of Open Check in irregular levels, too.

Chippendale with full of pep accosted the hashers more than he can run faster; At Open Check and Two Way, much more situation staggered a rap group by Little Red Shit Hood, Fire In The Hole, Undulator and LOP; it’s but Lost In Mark and Spensers and Pickle Boy (all Full Moon Hash), who spread out to fumble about a smidgen of space in all likelihood of a chalk sign, yet both of them missed at length, either the feeble diopter of glasses or bedazzling astigmatism of eyeballs. There thus were some still held onto running as far as they can. At the first beer stop was situated at a residential area, the runners and walkers managed by walking hare Just Karaty had a family photo together. The second beer stop was arranged at the downstairs of dorm of campus and the runners and walkers one after another hit there for the sip and conversation. Under the guidance of the hares, the hashers rotated back the initial point and boiled down the Renaissance to a solution for the corruption of plutocracy, as with a good remedy for being rotten to the core, not a pipe course indeed.

The holy circle was stationed on a rooftop garden of 6 storied building before the restaurant. No newcomer for today, the people perhaps run away from the smog or evade the cause of smog for good measure. GM LOP who in a deep blue, Mandarin collar and fasteners, long sleeves T-shirt with some Hash patches on the back and topped a cotton-padded cap, authorized LIM&S to summarize the bundle of joy for down down in calculus manner; the hares were swigged thanks to their responsible service a round by a round; Pony (mostly Full Moon Hash) and Nut Pirate ( less half Full Moon Hash) drank mineral water; Transylvestite (all Full Moon Hash) and West Side Farter wore an anti-gas mask blew into the circle as latecomers; PB was served by a delicate chocolate cake with a dozen of formative lit candles lettered by happy birthday, after made a wish, he extinguished the lit candles by the skin of his teeth; Crash Test Dummy registered all through lukewarm snigger paced in the circle and while he doffed his headgear, his hairdo yocked all hashers with a dilatant tilted pompadour; Undulator and Transylvestite in turns led the Hash choirs for where to be required; it ended up with Swing Low to shift the most to enjoy Hongkong cuisine, hearty, roomy, fancy and gainly.