Don’t belittle me! Don’t bully me! I knew I am small ugly! You are such a gang of bastards!

Scrubber as a visitor takes taxi to the running location, Beijing Railway Station from Qianmen, who was charged at 30 yuan that doubled the price; At the second beer stop along the street farther southerly, several armed cops came over heckling the newcomer whom bears a local face as to what’s going on nearly thirty hashers indulging in drinking and talking at 4:30 PM or so. The hashers have to open check ahead of time. Maybe the resident yonder seldom have a sight of a flock of international personages like the hashers; maybe a ghastly criminal case in Yunan province was just incurred yesterday with deaths of 29 persons, severe wound of 73 persons and slight wound of 70 persons; maybe the local political sessions per year would be held in the great way in the following day. No wonder that the security forces are being operational readiness.

A petty open space in a swath of withered grassy area by the side of the bustling road carries on a circle ritual. To refrain from impacting the others and Pickle Boy approaches to ask a police car parked near to the circle for a confirmation of performing a Hash circle hereby. The policemen gave a tacit approval.

Hares shunter aka RA Comes On Vacation, in the absence of Camel Sexual as her running partner, discharges her duty with flying colors along with walking hare Just Pari; GM Dazed and Confused slingshots a gambit for four newcomers with presenting each a keychain as souvenir traditionally and a choir of Beijing Hash Song; Just Aloe wearing a pair of new running shoes nills to drink with her one neo-shoe by the book of Hash, finally with a cock shame instead; RA COV proclaims Lost In Marks and Spencer to replace Sleazy Rider (Chewkacca) left for other city as another RA; PB gains a fine opener as BeerB**ch from Master Baker; Chippendale obtains a Hash bag for his 25th run; two beautiful families shows up to take a horn in the circle such as Just Benny’s handsome father and MB’s voguish mother, Ma Baker; Horny On Top boozes in for attending to not only the bigger puppy, also a new little calico pup romping about the horseplay with a local pup in the circle; SongMan rarely intones D&C by staging his aria in spanish version; Knob In Hood’s clangorous laughter packs a punch for public appeal; Just Alex and MB smoke the cigarette; with surrounding many local audience, COV leads a cantata with corporate hashers, Swing Low in four editions as a closure; On Your Knee, Dragon Lady and Room Boy did not participate the circle with French leave; the half dine on local dinner at a quiet spacious restaurant.

The trail seems to have formed a set pattern that must jack around the hashers in the beginning without mark. And have no idea that all runners are no other than tagging after Bearded Clam to stick around in cramped hutong and crowed sideway but then BC lives up to the expectation of hashers to spot the first mark on the overpass; hutongs have become the integral part of Hash trail that represents a lay of the land for this age-old metropolis. There’re more than one way to skin a cat and be way out. Is the life not so, either? Dreaming Semen gets the hang of the mark system and can hear his voice most and end, “On on.” Stunt Boobs has found the chalk sign but he can not make sure and goes back to ask the seasoned hashers for moving forward together; Peter Pain has to look after his girfriend forward and backward based on his own running orientation; the runners in tandem with the walkers hit the first beer stop on the broad wayside. MB serves all hashers with his tasty German stollen again; the hashers tittle-tattle for a short period of time such as Just Karate, Crash Test Dummy, HeadMistress, Nut Pirate, Hard To Live With, Bjorn Again, Come Shot and so on; Six Kuai Short and Twinkle Balls in turns whirl on the way home along the canyon, boulevard, linear city canal and serpentine alleyways.

I’m running, I’m happy; I’m drinking, I’m high; let alone we are hashing together; the earthbound people don’t trust each other, the people are sick and tired of the bewilderment; still less rocking the boat; the society has been stained with the greed, the world must be vectored by civil disobedience; the power structures have to be self-reflection in a close call of the equilibrium. A good conscience is a continual feast.


On On,
Pickle Boy

Beijing, Tuesday,
March 04, 2014