Hope, Confidence, Love and Fortune

To wake up to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day for our patron saint.
Lopsided creed cannot hinder interconversion of dust and gas.
Pi Day oozes the caprice of sorrow and joy to a higher degree.
fleeting pleasure is scooped out at Hash event with Godspeed.

Hash holds set by sagacity of hares come off as the difference
in the sameness by meditating an abyss of time in a chip time.
Quiet poky Muslin mosque in a lane, fuming palatial Buddha
temple on a street and lone grand Catholic church in a corner.

The runners and walkers in half numbered in more than thirty
hobnob at the first and second beer stops in capacious hutongs.
Diminutive green marks blind the judgement of spearheads,e,g,
Dreaming Semen, Extra Dry, Bearded Clam,Waiting For It,etc.

Teddy Secret and Just Wendy buy green attires for makeshift;
Just Jasmine dons the steel helmet and goggle as spacewoman;
The hashers as usual finish off the stollen from Master Baker;
Red Snatcher pricks near with Creamy Lips in kinetic energy.

Fire In The Hole and On Your Knees move back res midway;
Walking hare Bjorn Again guides walkers faster than runners;
Some don’t dress the green like Karate, Hebei Horse Herpes,
Just Aloe and Six Kuai Short who gets gimlet eyes at far sign.

May Not Come and Comes By Herself’re hardly ever in circle
where a parking lot alters to a drama directed GM Life Of Pee;
Camel Sexual tags the actor’s lines toward Just Assja in Russia;
Latecomers glister to the scene such as Pussy Nibble, Just Alex

and Flour Puff from Tianjin;two local striplings as newcomers
inducted by Just Chris bust hump to tote the beers till the end;
Undulator as hare plays a role of SongMaster and nose bleed;
Transylvestite lost the control of drinking to show beer abuse.

Pickle Boy continues to have his hands full to be BeerB**ch;
Crash Test Dummy’s smile in contrast to Just Andrew’s muse;
Big time for Just Mike to win his Hash handle in socking one
after the hashers on site set tongues wagging for an optimum.

Another hare and RA, Lost In Marks And Spenser in cockney
stages a shtick by shocking to fall down the ground by a tattoo
on the shoulder of Just Mike on his knees in circle in the wake
of favoring him with Jizzy Shelter in a baptism of beer shower.

The singing, scream and merriment fuse together straight away.
The half of foodies taste local toasted duck at elegant ambient.
The carbon in our muscles, the calcium in our bones, the iron
in our blood,the life chop and change over temperature in atom.

PS: Wish InterHash in Hainan province is rounding off within consecutive three days in sync with Beijing Hash event on Sunday and clinching a good time for Beijing reps such as Jolly Green Knob, Bubba Spook and Benz Over as well as other hashers from pole to pole.

On On
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
March 18, 2014