Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow

Preamble: In terms of some hashers’s suggestion, Hash mismanagement issued a statement that the trail must be controlled under 10km in order to ensure an easy leg of journey for top priority and start out at a given time on the stroke for keeping the majority of punctual hashers in care. Nevertheless the site check turned out to be 12.1km albeit some compliments from the hashers. The hares must be punished with a cock of shame for down down as a warning. Can not skip the voice of the hashers and determination of Hash mismanagement.

Witty Just Benny honorably obtained her Hash handle. The hashers never ever forget a previous peculiar trail created in her hare’s gig by dubbing Make Love in shape of a heart rather than traditional mark of Open Check. So here went for her new name called Heart On. And her boyfriend Just Charles as a newcomer also gained credit on his Hash name titled Frodophile. Sure thing, each of both took on a baptism at the hand of GM by kneeling down in the center of circle in dressing an inner layer, especially the gent received more blessing from the hashers by pouring a beer shower on his body. In split second, singing, screech and laughter got around more than thirty hashers and a bevy of local audience; GM Dazed and Confused acquired his cambered steel mug from another GM Life Of Pee in attendance; several senior visitors in varicolored Hash outfits swang by from InterHash of Haikou such as Deep Shit, Dual Shitieen Ship, Kunt Foo, Testicles,etc. shot a number of pictures and pepped up the scene; RA Comes On Vacation’s piston came in handy to fuddle somewhat hashers; and so on. The circle lasted nearly one hour in a frontage of restaurant crosswise and nineteen hahshers chewed up a local dinner.

Some latecomers in sequence quested for dutiful marks along the trail to catch up with Hash line-up, such as D&C, Dreaming Semen, Chippendale appeared halfway.

The first part of trail from the starting point to first beer stop extended a sphere of 6km, normal distance should be around 3km, passed through a cramped beeline bankside of canal, a block by a block of thoroughfare area and foot bridge, by and large the signage can be digged out by restless runners like Extra Dry, Lost In Marks and Spencer, Just Alex, Urine Trouble from Tianjin and the like; it’s a tad tough at Open Check, though where the runners can pinpoint a mark far away hundreds of meters, in other words, steadfastness lured the hashers to go awry instead such as newcomers and Just Aloe in chic mode; The hare, Waiting For It held the rear of runners on watching and easily overtook the front runners sticking around Open Checks, ultimately, the hares had to point out the right direction for way out. Although a runner who found out a sign run far ahead and others cannot have an earshot for his/her calling via boisterous streets, the chances were that Bearded Clam in eye-catching Kelly sportswear became a moving range pole; some peeped out the weariness and asked where the beer stop was.

All kinds of flowers lined on either side of boulevard stole march on blossoming out on every branch and twig, e.g., cherry, peach and orchid that were feast for the eyes that were caterwauling an arrival of Spring Equinox, agreeable warmth far and near, but PM still lingered about 200. Some quipped it’s normal for GreyJing.

First beer stop in a busy lane was called upon by a half of running group in tandem with walking group directed walking hare Just Andrew. Restroom was found with spending three min on foot. Plunged into having a chitchat with drinking amongst the hashers for ten min such as Bjorn Again, Just Karate, Crash Test Dummy, Undulator and Just Chris and otherwise. After kicked off on the trail for awhile, all runners stepped in a bamboo park, the rockery and puny lake with tiny arched stone bridge had earlier toyed with recretional locals of all stripes, some for music, some for cards and chesses, some for dance, some for shutterbug and what not. The hashers had to slow down to move forward, much less being hard to spot the mark at Open Check that but all of marks were placed on the ground overnight had faded away by the pedestrians’s footsteps. Pickle Boy as hare had to lead the way forward; shortly, the runners in droves rushed out of park and traversed a long overpass and tucked away into a sequestered deep small dead end for second beer stop, the runners only and quite short for second part. The owner of shop cordially greeted the runners with cold beers and many chairs. Just Jasmine with pleasure chased a local little missy for teasing each other; Jizzy Shelter was obstinate to explore the end of blind alley and had to retrace his steps quickly; the final part was not a big deal for runners with top gear, whisked along the street block, overpass, parochial bankside of canal and road sidewalk, then hit home run to one’s heart’s content.

Having faith in the FLOW states for Hash events, which namely is a state of mind in the groove by immersing in a sensation of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of activity to activate an autotelic experience for freedom of distraction with creativity from in the zone to in the pocket. Have you come along with a FLOW state?

On On.
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
March 25, 2014