Climate Change

Some crops grown at elevated carbon dioxide levels have less zinc and iron. Zinc deficiency can cause child mortality from infectious diseases because the immune system is not functioning properly, and iron deficiency can cause maternal mortality and reductions in IQ and work productivity. “Micronutrients” such as iodine, selenium, and individual amino acids could also be impacted.

Jerky thin rainwater diffuse in the air. The folks in public scurry to shun the wetness. Only seeing approximately 20 Hash gamecocks shuttle back and forth in a strange zigzag hutongs maze on the muddy trail of an antiquated business area and splash through now and then. Oops! Congrats on Mother’s Day for those qualified mothers who are not only able to bear a baby, but also, more importantly, able to guide a baby a primary human education, carrying the weight of vectoring a gregarious nature of barbarism or civilization in the pending future.

Moving out of floured track for the most part under hashmen’s belt. Perhaps the speed of sparse rainfall gets the better of Hash runners’s one to wash away the mark on the ground beforehand; perhaps the locals of new location are curious of erasing the sign before the runners pass through; perhaps the hares put a funny challenge on the trail by placing non-equidistant sign—especially at Open Check point. The runners eventually have to rely on the phone call for a way out to the hares, which results in the hares to have a tad recrimination between excellent Dry Hole and creative Just Ellie. Feeling like a Full Moon Hash trail that the hares cannot stay with the hashers for leading the way in case of going astray.

GM, Dazed and Confused takes the lead; a squad tread on his heels including 6 Kuai Short, Lost In Marks and Spencer, Breakfast Included, Who’s Red Wienie and Pickle Boy; Red Snatcher continually marks the direction at Open Check and Two Way for the latters; Teddy Secret seems like a tourist snapping many pictures with her pose. After groping a path to push forward without any sign for a quite bit time, reaching the beer stop on the curb as one and only in the whole trail, 4 walkers have arrived there for awhile, like Crash Test Dummy, Creamy Lips, Just Wendy and Just Cookie. When the hares step up to the plate, in nearly 20 minutes, GM, Life Of Pee and RA, Comes On Vacation then run up to the point, navigated by 6KS, who in fact has hit the beer shop and has to backtrack to pick up them, setting an example of LeiFeng.

Next part, shooting around a bunch of ideas for a chalk sign in middle-scale park with luxuriant bosk, stone arch bridges and groups of locals exercising their hobbies, let’s say, kicking shuttlecock, blowing Chinese oboe, dancing and taiji, etc. Ever-increasing rain out of blue pelt and raindrops falling down the surface of lake swarm with crossed ripples. Where the heck is the mark, though? It turns out to follow the tip from walkers to smooth it out. And then by and large, keeping beeline along the street, winding through the sections of alleyways, striding over a foot bridge, then inundating with an intricate hutongs pattern, from nowhere, the hares who have changed clothes stand at some corners to pick up the hashers.

The circle ritual is sunk in a dried-out pond within easy reach of a cookshop in a bustling commercial lane. It rains off and on. A late comer appears, Transylvestite. But shameful thing is none of new comers to show up. The audiences are attracted to enclose Hash circle with forming an extra-circle. GMs and RAs in turn ballparks a ring-a-ding. Just Qing dresses to kill in a fashion of attiring a see-through one-piece dress and pantshoes in united color of noir from top to bottom, meanwhile, she scores her 10th run patch monogrammed; DH and D&C racily singing antiphonal Hash songs juice up the scene. It starts to rain a grain of pitchforks. The beer bottles slip down from the hands to the ground into smithereens, such as LOP, D&C and PB (not broken). Laughters and singing-songs and screams mix together, and things. The epilogue is more invitingly toward eyeballs of onlookers whereby COV with passion precents a gestured chorus with all spot hashers Swing Low. 8 hashers tuck in a local homely dishes.

On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
May 13, 2014