A uniquely modified gene (HAS2) to produce a chemical known as HMW-HA, which appears to play a role in protecting the animal from cancer and some types of pain, such as the naked mole rat living about six feet underground, in caverns and tunnels that can stretch on for two miles, in air that is so putrid and oxygen-deprived it would be fatal or lead to irreversible brain damage in any other mammal, could fully unravel its mysteries we might be able to eliminate cancer, prevent strokes, reduce pain, keep our brains working longer, and beat back the debilitating effects of the aging process. And maybe we could live for 300 years.

Circa 2 PM in the afternoon, May, 18th. As much as 40 Scooby Doo-esque hashers on Hash’s mettle quest for a monster of felicity in the center of city. Peter Pain and his newcomer dart away as plain as a pikestaff at first with no mark; it’s thrilled to see Crash Test Dummy to run as the first time; nobody seems to become a walker any more. All runners stagger into a hustling business zone via a floured mark system and lost the way by turning round and round on site triple times. None of trourist does not rivet their eyes on the hashers to move to and fro. Just Alex possesses an inconsumable energy to rush ahead but less spotting a sign; Breakfast Included has to phone the hare for a right bearing in a general way; Hebei Horse Herpes exhibits her ability to ransack for a sign; Lost In Marks and Spencer as a gent has to untread to indicate the marked way; so that the first beer stop on a sidewalk is digged out by the last stragglers at long last.

Prehensile hare, 6KS ushers the hashers in a biggest ecological park of city; his partnered hare, Rabbit seizes the opportune moment to channel the lost hashers into a cardinal direction; Just Ellie rather makes her way to blaze another path to be a different one; it’s a wonder that Drill Me tugs her teddy dog to sneak into the park; Teddy Secret in a catsuit legs it to her nerve; out of nowhere beloved Prancing Queen springs out in a Hash line-up, who without a respite to join Sunday run actively out of full length of Beijing Marathon on Saturday just swang back from Shanghai, along with his fellow, Shanghai lady whom did identical things named Strap On Sally, saluting to both of them as genuine hashers; Just Wendy(tall) breaks out a bout of malaise and Urine Trouble manifesting function of a huge Samaritan attends on her; while getting at a small square, the whole group of hashers photograph for a big-time memory. The greenery is blanketed to allure the recreational folks passim.

The second beer stop is fastened down close to a crane where the runners and walkers guided by a walking hare, Jizzy Shelter all meet up, the walkers show more leisure and carefree. Come Shot overlies on a bench with tilting up her two feet in the air against the back of bench; some have a bull session such as Master Baker, HeadMistress, Ferrari, Just Ying and newcomers; Crash Test Dummy cannot falls through running further; Pussy Nibble takes the lead of racing forward and momentarily can hark at her uttering shrill cries for the signs, “On On…” the people along the way baffle their understanding to gaze at a hasher by a hasher passing thru and bawling their head off, “On on…” sometimes 6KS has to be suggestive of correcting a trail; oddly enough, Just Alex uplifting an outcast kite, rhombic and rainbow colors, flags a way to be in the lead; Who’s Red Wienie in black sunglass pairing with a tight T-sheet plays a cool look; young girl newcomer runs at full speed as much as a man’s potence; the kinetic energy of hashers propels a vogue of workout in public beyond all question.

A tiny space in front of a free-standing restaurant on the roadside serves a purpose of down-down circle. GM, Dazed and Confused howls out a circle up where all hashers crowd in this puny frontage and then where is another GM, LOP?

When the hashers exclaim his name, at the sight of a person wearing a conjoined coverall and a gas mask stepping out of restaurant, some screech; some yock; some gawk at this costumed man, who comes forward in the circle, one piece by one piece, shedding his outfits, remaining an apron exposing a pink nipple and 2 layers of shorts as well as a squirt gun sticking in between his back and his tight shorts, still being speechless and good for his inflamed throat for the time being, then drawing out 3 small bags of sweetmeats and putting on a pair of scholarly glasses and his favorite fedora hat added a wisp of multicolored feathers banded on the left-side of hat, finally speaking yet choky sound volume and buzzing to host the scene, easily imaging how hard work he contributed to. This’s why he attires the prop to please all hashers silently so his throat can take a break but he can’t or won’t. Do pay sincere respect to LOP—-a great hasher, an eligible GM and a model of quality.

Just Cookie and Pickle Boy team up to volunteer a BeerB**ch; Bearded Clam pops in; a chic leopard print cushion of toilet seat garland the neck of Math Factor as the first one hit the finishing point from Shanghai impressing others upon Hash hustler; because of poky locality, the owner of restaurant has to require the hashers to move next-door to a circled performance. Just Qing wears a full set of canary floscular Cheong-sam in a tint of mazarine and a pair of stilted pantshoes, seems to tell a fashion by her presence ad hoc; Heart On, Just Ellie and newcomers start to sit on the steps; Bjorn Again blatantly asks for a phone number from a young lady as newcomer in the circle; AutoBlow owns a high-pitched scream to juice up the live atmosphere, yes! a trace of wild with forming a live chorus group with PQ and COV, a wave on a wave of high point, calling forth a growing passers-by clicking their cameras for Hash circle, to an affected degree of merriment is worth to a ticket because all hashers input their investment in it, perfectly and naturally, 6KS has to increase another 4 small cases of cold beers; Transylvesite, Hard To Live With and newcomers hawhaw at a stretch; and what have you, which lasts more than one hour and the most enjoy a local home cooking.

Those who experienced all said 3 events might sense more tired out of physical strength, but more happy in the mind, in particular acknowledgment of 6KS whom worked on these 3 activities as the hare with heart and soul. Hash House Harrier functioning as a comity of nations is overflowing the joy. The marks on the trail settle down to the 2 Hash holds, one, making you teared soundlessly; two, making you laughed loudly. And then singing one same Hash song, same motion, same attitude and same solicitude, tooooooooo Swing Low precented by RA, COV with lifelike hand language on the up-and-up.

On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing, Tuesday,
May 20, 2014