Handshake Strength Reveals Education And Age

A gale of strong wind blows away a hovering air pollution and out of nowhere, a pair of brand-new rainbow-color running shoes with no shoelaces rolling into nearly 40 colorful hashers, small size. Nobody knows who a pair of shoes is.

Dry Hole and puppy scamper off far ahead from the end of shit trail through another end to lead the way of right trail at Two Way; Heart On lends the hare a helping hand to mark the right bearing on the pole; the environment changes from timeworn living quarter to fancy office building area. It’s certain that without a hint from hares, it’s quite hard to spot a sign for the hashers, that hid under somewhere.

6 Kuai Short holds a lifesize model bust under his arm to run wild and as if he is bent on eloping with who’s her, with a Montage effect; some might be either smart or lazy by sticking around the hare for a right determination at Two Way and Open Check altered to an unhappy face, such as Jizzy Shelter, CC, Just Sophie and newcomers,etc., can’t find a mark on right trail, notwithstanding. All the hashers have to tag after PB to point the way, a foot bridge, an open garden and a contaminated canal where the green belt with yellow and purple flowers on the bank inebriates the hashers and light turnout. Due to the mark far from the Two Way and Open Check, the most have to be put a sign by the hares. A dark and dirty tunnel suggests the hashers to a creepy place, the lamps on the ceiling are hissing and flashing, nobody over there.

A small group of walkers first arrive at the first beer stop directed by the walking hare, Master Baker. A sequestered wet canteen in a residential complex with a table and couples of chairs, sufficient cold beers satisfy the thirst of all hashers for minutes. And then march again, On Your Knee inquires as to which way it’s right most and end; DH, Waiting For It, and Pussy Nibble divide into different orientation to exploit at an Open Check, a swelling black plastic bag is shifting to JS little by little, JS yells, “Don’t come over me!” then it really changes the direction to PB, PB cries, “Stop!” then it wafts away, it’s weird, isn’t it? Other hashers stare at this scene, Just Ellie, CC and so on, perchance, there are 3 sizes of marks, big, middle and small that dwindles to a nail-size, that leads to many hashers to miss out and PB has to run afront for a way out.

Just Alex seems to bear a power of the hercules to roar for On On as he stumbles across a mark, nevertheless the most part of trail he heads for are to come up against a shit end of a path; Creamy Lip takes stock of it, “To put more Open Check and Two Way, for those running slowly can catch up with the group.” Whatsoever the marks lurk high and low, small and big, Lost In Marks and Spencer hunts up them hands down; Breakfast Included harks after it in silence, every now and again, also demands, “Where’s the mark?” another running hare, Just Qing alone covers the rear to ensure non-hasher to go awry; When transiting a sloping bank of canal with the smelly pollution on the river yank the hashers to a wasteyard, messy and nasty, Chippendale and Hebei Horse Herpes get into the swing of seeking for a mark at a turning; after winding through a fraction of hutongs, the runners meet up with the walkers at the second beer stop in puny beeline alleyway, the owners of retail section insist on over-charge 0.5 kuai for per bottle of beer somehow. It does not matter of that MB changed the papercup to tiny size for slowdown, the drinking speed quickens, though. Have to pay it off otherwise it drives the people mad, of a verity.

A calling for Open Check activates Live Of Pee in search of the final stretch in a business zone. The mark on the ground fades away prematurely. The hares have to imply a way forward and down to a flourishing core streets. The senior vigilantes in knots watch over the streets with weighty faces. The runners cross over the street to a small part of diplomatic compounds and the hares simplify the trail. Soon down to behind the Silk Market where the hashers begin to see a number of the people pacing around and internationally, D&C asks the hashers to pass through without a howl for a any mark, then traverse an underground passage to home restaurant, on the steps of each exit, do there are an elder man and woman in tattered clothes sitting respectively, who both look like from countryside, to one’s surprise, both of them are claiming in English, “Money! Money!…”––particularly toward each and every international passer-by, their tone hikes up and constantly, that, no one calls the police—-especially the center of downtown and the beggars use English language skill more fluently and frequently than the cops. Who is to blame?

The walkers once again beat the runners by reaching the restaurant in the first place and sitting on the doorsteps, such as HeadMistress, Karate, Crash Test Dummy, Beer Nuts, Knob In Hood and so forth; Come Shot is busy with reckoning with Hash cash. Several young ladies in uniform black one-piece dress turn up out of blue, one of who is Strap On Sally with beaming face all the time.

There is an empty parking lot at the side of restaurant, right good for a down-down circle. GMs LOP and D&C, in course, comperes the performance of Hash circle; Bearded Clam acquires his 100th run mug; DH obtains his 300th run mug, bigger and a bit more emblazonment; it’s just CC who dons a T-shirt on Rolling Stone for today’s theme run, a faint voice singing, “But it’s all right. I’m jumping jack flash, it’s gas! gas! gas! ” remarked by MB; DH’s Hash songs overwhelm any voice on the site, vividly and touchingly; Just Qing is invited to the nave of circle, kneeing down to accept her Hash handle and WFI holds a magazine to show around all hashers, in what way published Qing’s full-page image as faddish model, subsequent to a hot harangue by Hash solons, she is known as Shaken Not Stirred, forthwith, blessing beers spout over her body for a celebration along with the screams, laughers and singing song; Just Ole is already not here to whoop for cheers; still hilarious hashers as well display an understandable event to a cop cruising around Hash circle and misjudged people.

Approx 6:30 PM, the half move on a Chinese northwest food that lasts more than 1 hour. It ends up with Hash song, Swing Low led the chorus by KIH, with gesture for 3 versions. And then walk to Tim’s Texas BBQ for discussing to shoot a Hash documentary with TV guy. Who is praiseworthy?

On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
May 27, 2014