Hi Adult!Happy International Children Day

Torturous gain is not as valuable
as the instinct of a kid.
Happy growth!
Merry International Children Day!
Don’t be too much blue, adult!
You are still a child.

Chauvinism gives way to children’s merriment and Dragon boat’s slogan.
Vicious crime must be punished without mercy domestically and abroad.
Justice and morality wake up turbid misjudgement and aloof popularity.
Approach coming off as objective must make blunder in transmutation.

Near upon 40 hashers go in for an optimum exercise in a fascinating day;
RA/hare, Lost In Marks and Spencer powers an outline to 6 newcomers;
A shout for Open Check from GM, Life Of Pee spreads all hashers round;
A miniature park holds back hashers for a time and a main road emerges.

Dry Hole and Sleazy Rider surge headlong as bellwethers up to a hutong;
At the crossings like Two Way and Open Check often string out hashers.
A squad jog at average speed all along such as Jizzy Shelter,6 Kuai Short,
Waiting For It, Pussy Nibble, Urine Trouble, Fire In The Hole,Creamy Lip.

Who’s Red Wienie wears a black banded bowler strawhat looks like chic;
Some run on and off like Just Cookie,Just Sophie,Shaken Not Stirred,etc;
Dark cloud races with hashers till the wind blasts out a clear sky in spades.
Just Alex putting on a pair of glasses locates the trail much more precise.

Wet canteen on wayside is taken up for first beer stop but double price.
Butt and Paste beaming with joy and dressing in the fashion springs out;
A small bunch of walkers catch up to yell for the icy drinking, other hare,
Breakfast Included is up to her elbows in superinducing more cold beers.

Noteworthily at second beer stop on a corner of intersection, a handful
of hashers are attracted by a blaring speakers opposite the street to join
a subset of hairdressers dancing before the beauty salon like 6KS,WRW,
JS, Just Wendy, Just Ellie, Just Ole and so on, who do jazz up the public.

A local middle-age man riding a scooter asks Pickle Boy if you are gaug-
ing something and what you are looking for in alleyways, PB has to reply
twice we are running in light of the marks that were made in advance by
our members; ChippenDale and Red Snatcher present softfooted posture.

A segment of ancient city wall as a mini-museum plays host to all hashers
by showing a link and divide among the pictures and objects on old-time
city’s visage and modern artifacts on future perspective, as is a Hash hold.
Rabbit seems to giddap a part then worms her way into lax walking array.

Walkers start to run at sight of beer stop like Bjorn Again,HeadMistress,etc.
AutoBlow first time mosey with walkers because of her under the weather;
It teems with rain while all hashers return to the restaurant with having to
offer drinking for a circle where LOP anoints a curbside shade under trees.

Bearded Clam and PB volunteer BeerB**ch to serve hashers to the drains;
GM/RA emcees distinctive anecdote and hares are bibbed without number;
LOP awards 2 patches to the hashers accordingly for encouraging the merit;
It pisses down amain, the most have to step in and out under a roof of kiosk.

Nut Pirate vies with No Idea to “accuse” more things seems more aggrieved;
Just Alex wins Hash name as Eratica in pouring his kneeling with beer’s gush;
Hash songs resound thru empty street, DH precents Swing Low vividly with
autosexing sign;a half have local meal with self-made Zongzi by Just Cookie.
On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
June 03, 2014