Horizon's Distance

The distance to the horizon is determined by different variables, including the temperature and your height.The shame can help avoid the wrongdoing from darkness.

There are 6 stellar hashers for supporting BON TV’s featurette for Hash event, by arriving at a filming spot (the gate of Confucian Temple) 2 hours ahead of time, they are 6 Kuai Short, Who’s Your DaDa, Chippendale with his skateboard, Pickle Boy, Comes On Vacation bringing her cute Terry puppy and Just Cookie, plus 5 staffers of BON TV, being bound up in some special lens of each hasher till heading to the gathering restaurant at 3 PM, the weather is neither more nor less than becoming to outdoor activity in an affable and busy vibe.

Over 20 Hashing educators initiate to seek a root of humanity from an indigenized education in a Daddy Day. The hares like Jizzy Shelter and CC make a point of 4 Hash Holds for group photos, one point is set up down the subway for a half-length bronze statue, a national hero, a general, respected Mr. Zhang Zizhong who conjures up the prior cruel and criminous wars amongst human nature, all Hashing runners have a family picture in front of it; second point is held up in a clump of sculptured springlet titled Spiration of the Earth in a pocket park, having a group photo is sure thing; third point is halted at a smoky Buddhist temple, but while the runners in sweaty sport pants are poising to step in, a concierge who is a young female Buddhist disciple blocks the hashers’way on account of their dress code; fourth point is twisted at the gate of Confucian Temple, ugh! the miserableness overwhelms the boast for this such an education/ideological system handing in glove with Buddhism for centuries to hold back the vast majority of the people in Asia—-with a “value” of compliance and negativity. Of course, CC as hare teaches every hasher to act on a fist-palm salute before the cameras for toeing the line of localization.

The utter trail is bestrewn in a mazelike hutong-scape, beamy and narrow, there is a one-person-widened cramped alleyway keeping a long snaky distance, making an impression on the hashers. 5 staffers of BON TV cannot catch up with Hashing runners and almost lose their way from the beginning to the first beer stop, since then, there are a body of interviews with the hashers, such as 6KS, CC, PB, WYDD, Karachi,etc. CD has been grumbling about no-time to grab some food and feels too starving and no more filming; Just Monica exutes the beads of sweat on her forehead, the makeup isn’t yet washed off; some remain on their average speed in the midpoint of lineup, e,g., Shaken Not Stirred, Benz Over, Just Cookie and so forth; Waiting For It, Lost In Marks and Spencer and Nut Pirate alternate their pole position afront; the walking hare, COV leads the way for the cameramen to film the moving hashers; the second beer stop’s owner, who forgot to freeze the cold beers for the hashers, luckily the hashers find out a couple of icy ones in other fridge, it’s like surviving the thirsty hashers. The chalk marks on the ground basically are trampled away by the tourists. The hares have to precede on an unmarked trail. Afterwards, as with the jack-in-the-box, staging on a Hash Homing with a whole course of 9.2 kms around. The circled observance takes place outside a primary school diagonally across the petit restaurant in a lane.

6KS and RA, COV substitute as GMs to emcee a bohemian show being videoed by 2 cameramen and 2 directors; 2 latecomers by turns appear in the circle such as Breakfast Include and Just Ellies; All hashers on site act like a-listers to perform their tip-top form; Crash Test Dummy assists PB to be a sommelier for the hashers as co-BeerB**ch; Grasshopper(from Tianjin) and Just Jack as 2 newcomers are thrown in at the deep end with a welcoming ceremony of Hash song and souvenir apiece; the hares are caroused by the cheers of other hashers in an ocean of Hash songs and screams and laughters time and again; 6KS puts a loaded bag in the circle with full of stuffs from which the hashers lost last week’s Hash Red Dress event, JS and Just Ellies re-dress their hot-redness and things; JS broaches the daddy to come forward for intraday Daddy Day with a celebration, nothing but himself and Karachi, and then he hands out some spindly small balloons wrapped up in delicate packing, its trivial name called condom; WFI sings Hash songs as SongMaster by the skin of her teeth for situational scene; and otherwise. It turns out with which COV waving a gesture language affettuoso presents a classic Hash song, Swing Low and ensemble. The cameramen shoot a football to be pitched down in the middle of the circle as their finishing close shots for today’s hashers; 6 hashers stay to enjoy Morocco hotdog at a sweet tiny bar. Soon after, a bumptious rain comes to rinse off the footprints of the hashers…
On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
June 17, 2014