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Serving up the dishes at the local snack restaurant is so deferred for 17 Hash eaters. Perhaps the chefs are lending their ears to Hash songs belted out by Come On Moses, who is still keeping plugging away at it from the down down circle that lasts more than one hour with 30-odd artistic-style hashers, in conjunction of the newcomers’s T-shirt tagline, “Great Minds and Drinks alike! ” as well as “Hash Relay” illustrated with multi-planets. Eventually the weather in the evening calls it a day for drizzling to Hash event.


In the circle, Long time no see F*cking Heady got a heady times by displaying his bust pad, looks like tip-top texture, what a pity it’s too small to come in handy for the bosom while measureing up against his breast, then, swaddling a bottle of beer in his hand is most applicable and comfortable for the fingers as he’s holding this sexy bottle of beer via this soft attachment; The hashers lush the hares such as Snot, Damaged Goods and Sleazy Rider (Just Bernd/Chewkucca) in the centermost of the circle a wave by a wave as a testimonial for what they did a good service for the hashers.

Notably for setting up the best ever beer stop during the stopover of hasher’s run, where it’s under a bridge, spacious and quiet, hill with greenery and river with a certain contamination but not poignant smell; When the hashers pour through there is a side car silently awaiting to supply the iced beer and water loaded in a metallic locked case and tightly tied to the trunk, on the upside of the oil tank next to the rumble seat, there is a about 20cm-long sticker that shows a back of looker in bikini whipping around making sheep eyes. No wonder that the owner is often crushed on riding this hot stuff. Almost do some hashers shout out in concert, “Sleazy Rider!” So it behooves to have a special ritual in the circle for this innocent whom attained a Hash handle, that is, with GM, Come On Vacation’s patter, he’s on his knees in the middle of circle, all hashers bestow their blessing on him by dousing the beer as far as they can.

GM afterwards numerates otherwise hashers off track. The award and punishment alike are spliced the main brace more or less; Bens Over as a latecomer and Banana Hammock bought the bunches of petite banana to hand out to the hashers and Transylvestite without drinking on the trail, all are irrigated a lot; Seems that only On Your Knees drinks the water all the time; And all Hash names relevant to the hole need to dredge for boozing up until Fire in the Hole guffaws fitfully; Pickle Boy’s worthy of the title of Beer Bitch in serving the beer to the hashers in spades; GM ends up the circle with a chorus of Swing Low with all hashers to fall into a meditation from the wingding; The calmness in the enthusiasm makes the hashers sober; The enthusiasm in the calmness enables the hashers persistent. Some local onlookers surround the circle jabber out the hashers out of their curiosity.

In the first part of trail, the hashers in Indian file wind through 798 Art Industry Zone, every once in a while, a blasting clatter rings out of wayside folks. Dry Hole and Eager Beaver both seem to have a dingdong race ahead. Dry Hole for the most part chose the right trail from tricky marks so he’s invariably in a position to be a pathfinder; Wait-For-It ‘s frequently ballpark runner with her sharp eyes; Having a sight in astonishment at Hard To Live With whom runs faster and longer than ever; Beasty Hole might get exhausted, at each beer stop, either sat down or laid down and perhaps Gizmo must have chained her energy too much?! Her sororal Doggi Fondu, a square shooter, snuggles her up, too; The others like Undulator, Right Snatcher, the virgins and hashers with not yet Hash name vacillate between the will power and artful profiles, dynamic state and static state.

And then, unknowingly moving in a big park, semi-nature notwithstanding, it’s unfortunate that all parks had changed to be off limits for the doggies, but more pet peeve is that the puppy picked the disgusting thing as their toy per human benchmark, where there is all over rise and fall of hills blooming with an abundance of various flowers like crocus, marigold and hibiscus, and so forth. The hashers clear through the meandering track and boulevard in woodland, melting into a nature leaves the holier-than-thou metro to an oblivion for the time being. Supposing you would not have been there, you could miss out a chance of slacking off neck and crop. Some hashers such as Nowhere Man, Bjorn Again and unbeknownst hashers who walk through the half of this jaunt have a taste of its fling, as well.