1596 Trash


This Wilderness Area Boasts Striking Sandstone Cliffs And Narrow Canyons Beloved To Hikers

In a sequestered small place where the surrounding abounds the shrubbery and plentiful grass on the ground and self-contained playground and personable pond; in the air that gives off a stream of plant aroma and teems with the moisture; Beasty Hole crossed her legs on the top of a nebular vintage stump just like a fairy lady; Life of Pee leans against a life-size panther statue that could be printed out by 3 D printer, different materials, though; Doggi Fondu and Doggi Pounder seem a pair of mermaid to nosedive into a swimming pool under the protection of Nut Pirate on the roadside;

Barefoot Pretty Woman, Cream Lips and other hashers play on a swing happy-go-lucky; Bearded Clam and Right Snatcher climb upon the jungle gym and slip down giocoso; The rest of more than 40 hashers schmooze in clover with beers and wines being soaked in the piles of ice-cube in the big cases. It turns out to be a beer stop as if setting foot on Peter Pan’s neverland or Michael Jackson’s private garden thanks to the hares’s considerate arrangement.

Soon after running out of this living community, meets the eyes with the scene from another world in which one side of the ramp on a river bank reeks with some stenchy trash dump. Gizmo blazes the trail before the hashers. When lingering at a door of the public, the guard turns his limited right to his advantage by shutting down the door to block the hashers to get through according to the marks, and then the hashers on the ball skirt round the door to go into.

Pickle Boy may be getting more androgen in this muggy summer day that induces him on a sweaty topless run and a burst of sprint, the notion of more drink more faster run leads him to guff and sasses Asshole Sucker whom is a hot and cool all the way; Just Dupree advises it’s better off just drink the water on the run instead of the beer or less beer so as to avoid the purine too much in the body; Placenta, On Your Knees, Sleazy Rider, Fire in the Hole, Banana Hammock and virgins all spare no effort to zap through the thoroughfares and streets and riverside till moving into a big park with a body of water.

The snaky trail and tiny bridge over the lakes steer Hash runners to a kiosk, where it demonstrates a sweet vista, there are extensive margheritas blooming all over the bumpy hills, remarkably bring in the refreshing; a area of graceful lotus leaves densely float on the quiet surface of the lakes in the wings, there’s a man down the lakeside who is sitting silently for a meditation; at a distance, there are a couple of snow-white gooses immersing their heads underneath the lake paddling up rolling massive white spindrifts on the surface; Le Cunt in high spirits clicks a few of pictures for over 10 Hash runners altogether.

Unwittingly hits the termination where many Hash walkers have already perched for awhile on which some with carefree chair around some tables with drinking; the latecomers spring up continuously such as Twinkle Ball, Mr.Dr Spanks My Hide, Horny On Top, Eager Beaver, Kiss My Maple Leaf, etc. At that point, a guard approaches the hashers to hustle to leave their chairs and tables, claims that those stuffs belong to the personal. Just as GM is summoning the hashers a circle, then, a big circle ceremony is shaped. There are certianly some local audiences watching over it as usual.

GM Pretty Woman and RA Dazed&Confused and Song Master Drolly Green Knob in turn perform their functions separately for each and every weird and bizarre acts of the hashers, in particular, the hares like Ferrari and Cums On Vacation’s thoughtful service for the hashers, cheers them up; the cheerful voices and happy laughters have ebb and flow a wave by a wave, or in an instant of interval, for French cheers, for German cheers, for Canadian cheers, and so on, which lasts nearly two hours until 4-5 big cases of iced beers and a number of wines are all but drained.

Slobbers over Italian food. The speed of tucking it away is far faster than of serving up; the exquisite birthday cake comes up for our dear renaissance Ferrari. It’s pity that her one finger’s getting injury with bandage, otherwise the hashers could have had the luck to hear her piano recital; F*cking Heady, still using his soft bust pad, maybe not only for the bottle of beers, catches a chance to take a slew of photographs over which Bens Over and Pickle Boy with pickled face are touched by a gorgeous female newcomer at the same time; Again, always feel the big time fleeting so fast, in point of fact, other many hashers such the witness as Black Turd, Gap in Mind, Margarita Sucker, Bjorn Again, Dragon Lady, Knob In Hood, Hard To Live With, Cum Shot, Come On Moses, the neophytes and other unbeknown hashers.