Hangover all day long and all night long

Yuletim shindig with Hash’s Olympic-Nobel-Grammy    
that tallies up other past year’s quintessence of hashing,
thereabouts a hundred of hashers feast away a big time,
The half are Boxers just triumph over wilderness 122th.

Careful Banana Hammock hared these nother two trails,
which rounds off his last personal service for Beijing H3.
GM Pretty Woman convoys beer by driving alien vehicle
tasseled bodywork pinkly stickered Andy’s Craft Sausage.

Most of appr 30 hashers partytied carry on with swinging;
Cohare Sleazy Rider in blazing green sweatsuit sticks out;
Every once in a while the wind blasts out a ghost of chill;
Just Kris in T-shirt seems the cold-proof erects in crowd.

Podunk near to environs ushers hashers in stagger hutongs;
Much of Open Checks don’t puzzle right hunch of hashers;
First group rattles through only a beer stop without a hitch,
which slows down the drinking to sober up morning after.

Bjorn Again and Pickle Boy drank allnight till 8 AM home;
Rabbit and Just Parti remain mettled next to 3 events on end;
Across a weazened park where the lake breaks into dimples;
Alongside the chugging train speaking of a boundary in two.

In the vinicity of 6k of journey fleets under feet of hashers;
Down-down circle is landed on a top of building of 6 stories;
Life of Pee ladles out two packs of Uygur dates, succulent;
RA Dazed and Confused as always dons his vestment hosts.

CumShot brings a bag of lost properties of hashers last night;
Ipad for Just Math;long scarf for Noah’Arse;hooded tracksuit
for Prancing Queen who comes from Shanghai for purpose of
joining Beijing events; AutoBlow gleans Just Darren’s glasses.

Piles girdled the waist in swollen down coat looks like insect;
Nut Pirate pops up to the circle only for his ad hoc accusation;
Hard To Live With and Just Chris aside smile and drink still;
Walking hare Knob In Hood excels at managing Hash cash.

Just Math glories in bearing his Hash handle, Six Kuai Shot,
under charge of RA ,everybody congratulates by showering
the beer on his topless body as he’s on his knees in the circle;
scream and merriment mixes up to push the spot to be high;

The half enjoy agreeable local food chose by hares handily;
Butt and Paste as latestcomer freshens up to appear for meal;
Just Math’s ipad is picked by AutoBlow in bathroom anew;
Prancing Queen vividly precents Swing Low in 4 versions.