About 20 hashers congregated outside the restaurant and started “dressing up” in their Roman costumes. Some clearly were nearer the mark than others, like using their hotel/bed sheets instead of beach towels! The brave ones even stripped off to bare skin despite the icy breeze, (not usually associated with the Mediterranean).

No sooner were we on our way when than two latecomers arrived; Cina who managed to follow all the marks and catch up by the 2nd beer stop; and Piles who, already in his Patrician Toga, simply joined in, such minor details of lateness were definitely “below him”, although, for him, he was actually quite early.

The first beer stop saw some local citizens locked in their building and waving desperately wishing to join us. Students ran along with the hashers trying to find the motivation for such a singular event. questions such: Why do run for? the peace of the world? the recovery of Greece? gay marriages? were heard all they way trough the university campus. 
Massive lenses managed to catch the extraordinary run, particularly when some of the most proud hashers stopped to pose for the flashlights. CCTV in particularly tried to get all the fame he couldn’t get when he worked at CCTV!

All kind of roman characters were seen during this run, HTLW was found asking for more scribe material just as a poor slave begging for a denarius coin!

Both beer stops had runners and walkers so each gathering was “quite a forum”. Honoring the ancient tradition of feasting, at the 2nd beer stop saw a doggy, (The Hash Hound) living up to the standards of the Roman vomitorium. Apparently this happened to another doggy on the Boxer hash the day before… And when one doggie vomits, all doggies vomit!

Nowhere Man entertained us further with his attempt to take a pee, although his bathrobe toga was causing a problem, we certainly done know how a 1 meter only toga could cause him troubles to pee!

The circle was particularly entertaining, particularly when the local authorities interrupted and started “policing the forum”. However there was plenty of time as this celebration of the Ides of March was already 10 years too early, Beastly Hole’s grasp of the Julian calendar was somewhat, (i.e.totally), inaccurate.

Two virgins were welcomed and quite a few LTNS were welcomed back. Finndiesel, for example, had brought with him some Finnish Black Diesel (Salmiakki or Salty liquor) to the Boxer Hash, trying to maybe poison the sun to be assembled in the forum! Dazed & Confused, stepped first to drink the beverage and make sure it wasnt poisoned and save the life of the other hashers, since apparently FD wasn’t the only hasher who tried to poison other hashers over the weekend. 
Little Sai Wanker whose presence around the university seems to be a forgone conclusion. However he left (again) to the sounds of Fuck Off You Wank.
Prancing Queen was accused for having a birthday and Ingrid was admired, (especially by Nowhere Man who may have wanted to get “somewhere”) for her true roman garb, laurel leaves and all. more accusations were shout in this forum! But the Hash scribe was to hangover to remember! 
May the assembly go in peace till the next weekend, with a more green attire!

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