Hidden folks spark the dim road for the deceased and the mortal

Willow catkins aflutter foil the commemoration of bereavement.
It’s as well about spring season to sow seeds in such a warming.
Contemplate on bygone past for linking up to a prescient future.
Circa 30 Hash boffins grind the present into angular momentum.

Hashers break out of unmarked start point by which Jizzy Shelter
first eyes a sign on a slim pole but Lost In Marks and Spenser has
lost his way in sticking to rush at a wrong direction in a long way;
Dry Hole dragging the puppy dashes away upon confirming route.

Conversant hutongs and streets of downtown can’t furnish a clue.
At Open Check and Three Way, more well-informed place, more
perplexed, to follow the mark is changeless rule of thumb, though,
that new marks intermix old ones suggests brick and mortar jungle.

Who’s Red Wienie as hare also disorients in labyrinthine alleyway;
Newcomer young lady holds rose flower and chalk to lead a way;
Some spring out at first beer stop such as smiling Honey I’m Late,
fashionable Butt and Paste, pensive W7 and talkative Nut Pirate.

Fu*k Rogers as visitor displays Hash pictures of her hometown;
Teddy Secret takes easier on her running steps than ever before;
Crash Test Dummy walks in runners’s group in a chaotic signage;
Just Sunny in silence tags on to pleiade no sweet without sweat;

Waiting For It bustles about her duty of orchestrating a hareline;
Undulator boggles at a popsicle that’s preempted by W7 and JS;
Drill Me with a brown curly pup flashes in her catwalk a moment;
Walkers that snail miss second beer stop in hare-care of Extra Dry.

Some switch the group between walkers and runners like Rabbit,
Just Ying, newcomers, etc. For long time can’t see walking hare,
Just Alice who seems to get lost somewhere; most of last part are
done with hunch instead of mark. Holistic trail is within measure.

Latecomers crop up nonstop such as Come Shot, Bearded Clam,
Pussy Nibbles and so on for the circle ceremony in which to take
an inventory of event by GM Dazed and Confused as well as RA
LIM&S respectively and Beer B**ch Pickle Boy serving the beer.

Urine Trouble with care fishes out a plastic bag that loads up 4
pellets of dogshit that’s worked off by Hash doggies on the trail;
HImL and JS scores their 10th run patch each and a few primp
like Just ShaoQing as a fashion show—specially her pantshoes;

Pretty Woman and DH in turn trills Hash songs for a spectacle;
Puppy parrots to sing song by woofing good rhythm but tune;
Just Aloe attains her Hash handle on her knees in the circle via
acute debate from spot hashers for endorsing Who’s Your DaDa.

Master Baker chalked mark on marble ground to play up scene;
Hard To Live With and newcomers as super-audiences grin oft;
underground separate room entertains the half with Uygur food;
Just Sam as usual as a tailender squeezes in Hash table for a bite.

On On.
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
April 08, 2014