If you too chose to avoid travel suicide at the China National Day Holiday and stayed in Beijing, then join the hares in a relatively deserted downtown for a beautiful blue sky romp. We’ve got parks, canals, skyscrapers, art, tunnels, trains, cold beer, and delicious Xinjiang cuisine for patriotic hashers. Wear red!

As this weekend is a working weekend, we’re hashing on MONDAY!!!!   


Limp Fish Dick, Karate, & Dry Hole

Date and time

MONDAY, October 1st, 2018
Meet at 2:30pm, Run starts at 3pm


30 RMB for run and circle
80 RMB including dinner


Chang Ying San Xiong Di 常赢三兄弟(国贸店)
Baiziwan Lu 百子湾路京粮大厦北侧


From Line 1/10 Guomao Station Exit C, head south for 780m. When you get to Baiziwan Lu, turn left and head east, crossing under the 3rd Ring Road, for 90m. Restaurant is on the north side of Baizwan Lu, just back from the street.