Music is a time tunnel to bring into a memory lane and can improve the memory.

Tri-legato movement launched an InterHash pre-lube up to dissolving in a festive ocean of drinking, laughing and singing. Bubba Spook’s recital to the accompaniment of the band jazzed up 64th Full Moon Hash tickled the fancy of a score of hashers around at Home Plate bar with goluptious American food as far as in the small hours. RA Comes On Vacation gogoed a four limbs song to perk up the hashers at starting point; a solemn booming conch rang out by Bunzilla; the patent flour sign on the trail awaited on the hashers to probe for under the dim light of night in the center of city.

Camel Sexual dashed away to locate the first mark; Hash matrix coursed through the flourishing street nocturne and busy hutong night piece, straight on and on. A rash of callings by Transylvestite, RA Lost In Marks and Spencer, AutoBlow, Pickle Boy, Just Benny and Just Aloe, etc., navigated in the direction of the first beer stop; another half of hashers as walking part first reached there directed by Knob In Hood; to set roadsign for the first length of trail was done by hare, Bearded Clam whom had started to count the heads; Bunzilla and Six Kuai Short got lost somehow and showed up after a while with sweat and wheeze; the second hare, Dreaming Semen had leapfrogged to mark the second length; GM Life Of Pee shouted, “Open Check.”

Waltzed through the main road, street, alley and overpass. While encountered the ambiguous sign, the local policemen on guard pointed the hashers to a way out. Twinkle Balls run faster and faster as soon as made clear the sign on the trail; a tricky mark of Open Check baffled the runners for a time that indicated five ways to move on. After the runners checked out those trails with endeavor, yet remained nothing to pace up and down. SKS decided to go back without hesitation and traversed a foot bridge, then hit the second beer stop fast and furious. the popcorn from Come Shot and the cracker from Bjorn Again served the hashers; the walkers and runners identified themselves with drinking and talking. the hare, SKS departed for making the mark for final length. Before long, the most of hashers who knew the ropes of this area span back to the starting point—without toeing the line of the mark.

A solidary rounded clearing in the open-air garden was filled with a circled hashers for a short time. GMs LOP and Dazed and Confused as well as RA COV in sequence itemized the funny fannies in which the hashers acted up; a few newcomers appeared as latecomers; Sperm Whale exhibited a singing voice to spurt out a succession of his gag lines; the hares were urged to swig in the circle for their stint; D&C belted out Hash songs for opportune scenes; Mashed Potato and Spermaid who got used to be coy smiles went off at full score to guffaw; novel faddish Hash shirt designed by D&C flashed the images of hashers; Undulator as latest comer sprang out for dinner and live music; all had been intoxicated in a high night although the most would have to head for Boxer activity at 10 AM in the tomorrow morning.

In 125th Boxer Hash on the second day, the scribe herein was in non-presence, it was said that took on a wonderful event as well. Nearly forty hashers hashed in an expanse of a wild section of Great Wall hared by Kiss My Maple Leaf, BS and BA all day long……

The last day, as if industrious hares like DS, Just Benny and walking hare CS worked on placing the sign the almost entire hutongs in the city at a longer leg of Hash journey of 15km around, to lubricate each and every toughness of thirty-odd hashers in advance; Just Grego and Room Boy came down the pike at restaurant and edged off; Undulator sidestepped the chill and huddled up a doorway corner under a lit wall light for ephemeral warmth.

The infrequent three beer stops were interspersed alongside of roads and lane. At first one, Master Baker as usual fetched out a box of German stollen to reward each hasher, in attendance of Pa Baker and Ma Baker whom smoked a cigarette by a cigarette altogether and were but the walkers all the time. At second one, for a little long time, can’t see a runner whom lost his way, Peter Pain without a phone who had to run back to the restaurant for sure and stirred up his girlfriend’s anxiety, small wonder that the hashers rubbed up against a pedestrian culture lane where the runners had to snail through packed tourists. At third one, MP bought the potato snack to serve the hashers; everybody cannot eye Just Benny as hare any more, and to catch up with the time of which the day was changing the dark, two GMs made up their mind to forsake the mark and followed the hashers’s noses to return to the restaurant.

LIM&S expertly picked up the right bearings at wishy-washy Open Check and Three Way along the way; except for zigzag hutongs, still winding hutongs on the trail, which jerked the runners confused and disoriented, luckily the signs on the high positions were quite clear-cut to guide the hashers, however ones on the low position such as the ground had been faded away by the tramples of roaders shortly. When a hasher went astray on the trail tentatively, a small group of local elder vigilantes with red armbands revealed the ahead hashers’s whereabouts heart and hand; Waiting For It as always led the field with her all-out voice to call for, “On On.” SKS and PB were in hot pursuit of her track and all but missed the second beer stop; in point of fact, the past marks were indeed puzzling the hashers to judge the new one, even so some can be distinguished from the color. The future hare perhaps would have another duty to erase the old sign whilst placing the new one, specially Hash howf.

The circle rite was sited at a frontage of castle-esque restaurant. Two GMs and two RAs in turn moderated each laughingstock and every highlighted hasher; LOP awarded a red Hash shirt to Crash Test Dummy for his unique sense of humor and personality trait; COV prepared for the hashers the couples of hardcopies of Hash songs that pressed in the film with care; needless to say, the hares had to guzzle a tumbler separately a lap by a lap; SongMaster, Jolly Green Knob staged on his personal opera to extol per single scene that he chanted more than ten of songs; Sperm Whale holding his jumbo timber mug acceded to the joint ballads with JGK, both of them acted like a twin duet, which sparkled bursts of laughters of hashers and the passers-by halted to have a look at the hashers’s live show. Just Andrew inadvertently slipped a bottle of beer out of his hand down the ground to smithereens and a resounding sound, “Bam” caused a fit of wallop and souped up the live atmosphere. Well-rounded staff of restaurant mopped it up with agility. Other participants included Just Karate, Benz Over, Hebei Province Herpes, Just Cathy, Just Aloe, Lost In Space, Just Mike, Hard To Live With,etc., What COV again psalmed a chorus of Swing Low with hashers with body language blocked out a consummate full stop for consecutive three day’s pre-lube runs. The half stayed on a local indigenous decent meal.

On On
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
March 11, 2014