Finally we got the results of our first ever Hash Poll! We got a total of 45 votes, not bad for being the first time. Below you can see the results and the expert analysis of Dazed & Confused.

The Beijing H3 really need a change. What can it be?

  • More Naked Girls – 14 votes
  • More Virgins – 7 votes                    
  • Better restaurants –      6 votes                    
  • Hash traditions – 5 votes          
  • Longer runs – 4 votes
  • Haberdashery – 4 votes          
  • Countryside Runs – 3 votes          
  • More beer – 2 votes          
  • Shorter runs – 0 votes

General Analisys by D&C

  • Incredibly the option of “Naked Girls” is the most common among Hashers with a 31.1%. That make us think that definitly this site is being visited more males than females or maybe there are certain doubts on the sex preference among Harriets… The Mis-management prefer to go deep on this topic, but agrees on the result!
  • The “More Virgins” option got a 2th. place with a 15.6%. There might be a connection with the “more naked” option… probably hashers want some “More Naked Virgins”? Anyway, this result is a call for all members to start inviting-promoting our beloved Beijing H3 among friends. Is time to start the “BRING A VIRIGIN TO THE HASH” campaign!
  • It seems that some fellow hashers feel that they are not being well fed in our runs, since the “Better Restaurants” got a third place with an important 13.3%. A friendly call to our hares: Take care of the stomach of our membership, we had received reports from several supermarkets in the Chaoyang and Wudakou area about the uncommon increases of Toilet Paper sales on Mondays…
  • I’m a promoter of “Hash Traditions” and I’m happy to announce that this option got the fourth place with a 11.1%! I completely agree about bringing back our traditional songs, respecting the RA in all his/her omnipotence, making people drink when they deserve, doing circles outside no matter what, welcoming new shoes with beer, compulsory wearing hash clothes,  giving patches, mugs and recognitions on the right time and so on… Those are not rules, cause there are not rules in the hash, but are our traditions!! Therefore LONG LIVE TO OUR TRADITIONS!!! (P.S: No Hats or Bags in the circle and if one hare drinks, all hares drink!!!)
  • Ok.. I got excited about the last one… continuing: Our Hash, believe it or not, have some really freaky people… I would say masochistic people!! The “Longer Runs” option got a fifth place with a 8.9%… Im sure all those FRB (Front Runner Bastards – read our HHH dictionary) had something to do with it. 
  • And sharing the fifth place with “Longer Runs”, the “Haberdashery option shows how desperate Hashers are about getting rid of their money. But no problem your glorious Mis-Management is working hard to provide you with the most original, coolest and outrageous Haberdashery for very affordable prices, to make you feel always like a real Beijing Hasher!
  • On the sixth place we got “Country side runs” with a 6.7%. I’m not surprised about it. After all, this is a job for the Boxer Hash who runs every month in the country side. But not all of us are Breaking Balls runners. We would like to breath some fresh air once in a while, besides we also have some wankers… sorry walkers who would love to play with the butterflies and flowers in their small walk around the bushes…
  • And almost at the end… shamefully: “MORE BEER” with just a 4.4%… WHAT THE HELL??? Do you think that the unique and marvelous flavor of Yang Ying or Tsingtao isn’t good enough for you?? Do you think that we are the damn reality show “the Biggest Looser”?? or maybe are you to worried about the “what they will say” cause you drink beer on Sunday?? COCK OF SHAME FOR EVERYBODY (Not to the 2 brave souls who voted for this option). 
  • And finally… with an immutable 0%, the “Shorter Runs” option demostrate that after all… we are runners trough and trough, we are hashers we are true blue, we are hashers so they said… Tried to get to heaven, but we went the other way!!

Thanks a lot for your participation and On On!!

Dazed & Confused
P.S: Dont miss our next poll: Where would you like to have a Hash Run in Beijing?