The Beijing Hash House Harriers goes off road!! This weekend we will go outside of the city to finally breath some real fresh air in the country side!! So prepare your running shoes because in the Huanghuacheng area with its traditional villages, its exuberant forest and the GREAT WALL itself  will be our hosts this weekend!!

  • TYPE
    A to A
    Kiss my Maple Leaf, Dazed & Confused and Spiking Viking
  • WHEN
    Sunday June 5th, 2011
    We meet at 11:00, Bus leaves at 12:00
  • MEET AT 
    Tim’s Texas BBQ (on Dongdaqiaolu across the Silk Market)
    300 Mts north of Yong An Li subway in line 1
    150RMB, includes round trip bus, run, circle and dinner
    traditional villages, amazing countryside life, exuberant forests and nature, mountains, lakes and of course: The Great Wall!!
    We will also meet with the 22 souls that accepted the challenge of spending a night outdoors with the Beijing Fullmoon HHH! We hope they will survive a time full of ghost stories, drinks, BBQ and some other cool things around a nice and warm campfire. 
    This run requieres REGISTRATION before Friday 3rd at noon. Visit to register. 
Those who register will have their place assured on the bus. If there are extra spaces available it will be given on “first come, first served” basis. The Beijing HHH won’t assume any extra cost for late-comers. So register and don’t give a hard time later to the hares, the GMs or the Hash Cash.

Huanghuacheng Camping trip with the Fullmoon Hash

Thanks to all of you who expressed interest on joining us in our annual Camping trip with the Fullmoon Hash, this time in the Huanghuacheng area! Our capacity was for 20 people and we actually have exceeded it. But dont worry, if you couldnt make it to the camping, the sunday run will be in the same area! Here are our campers this year:

  1. Twinkle Balls
  2. Bottoms Up
  3. CumShot
  4. Lord Cockington
  5. le cunt
  6. Kamasutra
  7. Prancing Queen
  8. Doggy Lips
  9. Doggie Fondue
  10. Black Eyed Tits
  11. Circus Freak
  12. Bonnie Shot
  13. Ginger Jesus
  14. Jolly Green Knob
  15. Hungry for S
  16. Brussel from Brussel
  17. Pretty Woman
  18. Cock Sourceror
  19. Kiss my Mapple Leaf
  20. Dazed & Confused
  21. Spiking Viking
  22. Ally
  23. kate
  24. Antonia

See you guys on Saturday!!