Americans are a people of great paradoxes.  We’re handsome and smart, pretty and creative.  We’re big and also strong. Brew beer and brew wine. Have big companies and even bigger ones. Heard of a stock market? Yeah, we’ve got a couple of those. Walmart? Check! Target? Bullseye! Basketball? Slam-Dunk! We design products that you love and lead the world’s most important organizations.  Go after a maid in a hotel room? Hell no! We send our junk over Twitter! (Electronic High Five!) You know who created Twitter right? Biggest debt?  Yeah China, you’ll buy some, now take it, and take it all.  We saved the world in both a hot war like WW2 and also in a Cold one.  Man, so many paradoxes.  We also created the Miriam-Webster dictionary. You know what words we have in that?  Words like color, and honor, and labor. Yeah, suck on that Samuel Johnson. Speaking of that “Big Johnson” T-s ever heard of them? Yeah, so many tits you can’t wear it to just any fair, it’s only good enough for the County Fair.  Anyway so I’m just going to look up the word “paradox” now…. Yep… 
Ok so starting today we’re changing around the definition of the word “paradox”. So come out on July 3rd for the most “paradoxical” hash ever!
  • TYPE
    A to B
    Pretty Woman, Cock Sourcerer and Prancing Queen
  • WHEN
    Sunday July 3rd. 2011
  • TIME
    We meet at 14:30, Run starts at 15:00
    Shuanjing line 10 exit C Click here for map
    Run Only (LAME): 20 RMB
    Run + Totally Awesome USA#1 T-Shirt: 60RMB
    Run + Epic BBQ Price: 120RMB
    Run + Totally Awesome USA#1 T-Shirt + Epic BBQ: 160RMB
    Sign up at Althought shirt orders are now closed, there will be a few shirts on hand for sale the day of the run.