See the south Beijing’s views, run along the national highway, turn into the muddy lane, drink by the simple beer stop, pace on the cornfield path, cross the rocking bridge, inspect the newly-built boulevard, enter the wetland park, appreciate the beautiful scenes, feel the fragrant flowers, breathe the fresh air, observe the Milu deers, leave the spectacular archway, jog on the flourishing streets, get ready for the warm circling, have yummy food outside and enjoy the south Beijing’s night!

  • Type:
    A – A
  • Hares:
    Dude Where’s My Trail, Commando and Pony
  • When:  
    Sunday, 7 Aug, 2011
  • Time:
    Meet at 2:30pm and run off at 3:00pm
  • Meet at:
    How to get there?
    Take BRT Line 1 at Qianmen interchange (It’s just next to Subway Qianmen stop Exit C) and get off on terminal Demaozhuang.
    The travel would take 40min, but it’s recommended to arrive early because of many passengers.
  • Hash Cash:
    20 run and circle, 60 run and dinner
  • Appendix:
    1. Haizi
    , a lake, used in the history. Nanhaizi, south lake.
    2. Milu deer, a.k.a. Père David’s deer, is the head of a horse but not a horse, the antlers of a deer but not a deer, the neck of a camel but not a camel, the tail of a donkey but not a donkey!