Caochangdi: the antithesis of Contemporary Beijing. Taxi cab hotels, Art Galleries, and bourgeois laowai call the area home along with countless stray dogs, shit covered roads, and street vendors. When Hare Prancing Queen first arrived to Beijing on a snowy January night in 2010, CCD welcomed him as his new home. What better way for this Wank to F-Off than for he and co-hare Doggy Lips to take the hash back to his old stomping grounds?… and the site of their first date (BARF)

  • Type: 
    A – A…or A – B 

  • Hares: 
    Pancing Queen + Doggy Lips

  • When:  
    Sunday, 14 Aug, 2011

  • When: 
    Meet at 2:30pm and run off at 3:00pm

  • Where: 
    The west entrance of Caochangdi Located at the crossroads of the NE 5th Ring Road and the Airport Expressway. Take the Expressway Side road until you pass under the 5th ring. We will be next to the “CAOCHANGDI” sign.
    You have about a 70% chance of grabbing a cabby who knows where CCD is and they will nearly 100% of the time bring you to this exact place. You can also get there by taking buses 418, 909, 688, or 942 from Dongzhimen. Also, ride a bike. Bikes are cool, too, and are the ultimate in bad-assery.
    Or simply meet at PADDY’s for Lunch, beer and taxy convoy!

  • Hash Cash: 
    20 run and circle, 60 run and dinner