To celebrate the start of seven days of carefree frolicking during China National Week (for those poor souls without plans to evacuate to hotter and sunnier destinations…) let’s enjoy that time-honoured tradition of getting merry, Beijing-German-style! Beijing may not be blessed with busty Bavarian fräuleins or jaw-dropping sausages but what we are blessed with its cheap BEER!! And you can bet that it’ll be frosty and delicious. So join us as we edge cautiously along the edge of the Forbidden City, lose ourselves in a tangle of dinky hutongs and finish with a delicious sample of Beijing fine dining while commemorating another anniversary of the People’s Republic of China!

  • Hares:
    Cumshot, Ginger Jesus and Dr. Jekyll Spank My Hide 

  • Type:
    A to A 

  • When:
    Sunday, 2nd. of October 
  • Time:
    Meet at 14:30, Run starts at 15:00
  • Where:
    South side of the Huangchenggen relics park (see map below), where the DatianshuijingHutong meets Nanheyan Lu.
    800 meters from Tiananmen East or Wangfujin subway Stations
  • Hash Cash: 
    20 run and circle – 60 run, circle and dinnner

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