April 29th: The birthday of infamous conspiracy theorist David Icke, the founder of Chaos Theory Henri Poincaré, and the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. In 2012 the planets align on this strange day of “coincidences”. During this final year of The Dragon, we await the immanentization of the eschaton, as our reptilian masters prepare to reveal themselves, and to what end? Are the elites leading us to a higher purpose for mankind, or more drunken rutting amongst the shit and trash? Bring your favorite Pope outfit, a bloody clown suit, or that black mass robe and horns you keep for special occasions – or at least a tin foil hat and matching panties. Settle your accounts, make your peace, and step behind the veil. Chaos awaits… and we ask you, are you ready to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE?

  • Hares:
    Kimchi Muncher, Beastie Hole and iFag
  • Dinner Cuisine:
    Kitten Soup (for the damned soul)
  • Type:
    A to A (TBD)
  • When:
    Sunday 29th of April
  • Time:
    Is SUMMERTIME, we Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00
  • Where:
    Daxing District, Zaoyuan Subway Station on Line 4, exit B. Click for map here
    Restaurant is 50mts EAST from Exit.
  • Hash Cash:
    20 RMB Run and Circle or 60 RMB Run, Circle and Dinner