Runners in green, as zombies, in togas, with brooms, sombreros or in red dresses have flocked the trails in the past. Rock ballads been used to get drunk under bridges. It is time to get back to the basics.
We will run (or walk), drink beer and eat that’s it. Starting off near 798 which happens to divide cleanly by 19 to 42, but don’t panic, a common mistake that hares make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

The participants “hashers & virgins” shall hold the hares accountable for short or warm beer supply, heel breaking trails, dust, air pollution or any other inconvenience they may encounter no longer than 3 hours after the run. The participants further agree to have a personal service ___________________(fill in here) published on various media under a number of their choice  _________________(fill in here)


Damaged Goods,  Snot,  Chewkacca

A to A

Sunday, May 26th

Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00 (Now on Summer time)

798 West Gate, nearest the footbridge on JiuXianQiao Rd. Less than 1km east of the airport expressway in Da Shan Zi
Bus station: ???,( Wángye fén ), 401, 402, 405, 418, 688, 909, 942, 946, 955, 988, 991

Hash Cash:
20 RMB run & circle; 70 RMB run, circle and dinner (Dinner price increase)

Gongfuju Xinjiang Talimu Restaurant & bag storage across the street 150 meters down the hutong just past the Jingkelong supermarket. 

See notes below:

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