Ride your favourite Ferrari on down to Chaoyang Venezia in Red White and Green and then ride the hash gondola through the scenic (though not sanitary) waterways of the city. It’s Italian National Day hashing style. Berlusconi will chase the hariettes while la polizia will run down the harriers and make them cry. The moon itza still so fulla, it may hit you in ze eye, like a big pizza pie as we dine on pasta e pizza. We bello, passami il vino.

Note we no finish were we begin, especially Le C*nt who will end up in Delhi after this trail. So cum out and get sweaty now that summer is really here, say f*k off to LC and wish Ferrari good luck on her 30,000 km maintenance check! . This means a bag car will whisk your worldy goods to the finish for you while you frolic through le vie e i canali


Ferrari Cums On Vacation

A to B

Sunday Sunday Sunday June 2, 2013

Summertime. Not Italian time. Not Colombian time. Not Le Cunt time. Meet at 14:30, Trail starts at 15:00

Start at Agricultural Exhibition Center, Subway Exit A- the only one so no lost hashers this time!

Hash Cash:
20Y Trail 70Y includes Italian dinner and wine