boxing Kangaroo

Check out some “Ozzie-style nosh”, No not in Brisbane, Australia, – in Shunyi, Beijing. The Rosewood Bar & Grill are keen to welcome the Beijing Hash. No need to go to Paddy’s afterwards, the bar (and TV sports) is already there. Trails will be typical Shunyi; picturesque, clean – (not), very varied, (maybe some moguls), new, and despite it’s reputation, not so long .


Hard to Live With, Jolly Green Knob, Just Hugo


A to B (Bag car at the meeting point)


Sunday, June 23rd, 2013


Meet at 14:30, Trail starts at 15:00


Meet at China International Exhibition Center Station,(Exit A) – on LINE 15

Hash Cash:

20RMB run & circle, 100RMB run, circle and dinner