More than 30 years of dodging shit and trash will be celebrated in this week-end of feting, drinking and eating with a little bit of running in between.
We have misorganized the following program for all Hashers:

Friday, June 28th

The Moon won’t be full, but we launch the celebration in Full Moon Hash tradition.  We meet at 7:30 p.m., and the abbreviated (and possibly, post-inebriated) run/walk starts at 8:30 p.m.  Run/walk/circle beers included in the 1600 sign-up fee.  But, do bring your own cash for pizza and SHITS (“Special Hash Intoxicating Tribute Shots”) after the circle.  You’ll probably recognize some of the names on the SHITS List.
Where: The Irish Volunteer, Lido Area, Chaoyang District, directly across the street from the Lido Landmark Hotel (formerly, Holiday Inn), Jiangtai Lu, Tel. 6438 5581

Saturday, June 29th Run # 1600A
Meet at the Black Sun 10 am
Bus Transport to HuaiRou
Come join us for the first leg of an historic 1600th run!  We have a run site that that harkens back to the glorious history of the Beijing Hash House Harriers.  Specifically we are going back to those golden days (OK, grey smoggy days) when the BJH3 used to go on road trips every month in the summer.  For our 1600Ath run, we will take the quick trip out to beautiful downtown HuaiRou.  Yes, Virginia, there is actually a beautiful part of downtown HuaiRou.  Hashers will take in well-groomed and appointed parks; run along a huge dam; be stared at by the locals; have a special baijiu hash hold overlooking the idyllic, natural spring-fed lake/reservoir; dodge non-rabid small dogs; run lakeside; have a few more regular beer stops and finish for our circle at a lakeside picnic area
Return to the Black Sun for a wonderful Barbecue and buffet dinner with almost all you can drink, music, dancing and possibly some nudity

Sunday, June 30th Run # 1600B
Classic BJH3 city run in the infamous Sanlitun where so many Hashers said goodbye to their lever. The genuine function of the Sunday Run being to cure hang-overs Dr. Cums on Vacation and her nurses will perform a mass healing gesture on our troops so that the celebrations continue. After a circle where the absent from the previous day will be properly honored, we’ll head to Ganges where we’ll be able to enjoy Indian dishes in memory of our dear departed Le Cunt.
As Mother Nature does things well, we’ll then be able to roll-down the stairs and land in our Hash Bar Paddy O’Shea’s where our usual treatment can be obtained over the counter.

Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of June

Saturday HuaiRou, Sunday Sanlitun

Hash Cash
350 RMB (indicative – to be confirmed) for the whole week-end including awesome Haberdashery
A la Carte also available but not encouraged

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