On this day 241 years ago Mount Papandayan, a complex stratovolcano in Indonesia, exploded killing almost 3000 people in a “catastrophic debris avalanche”. The nearest volcanoes to Beijing are 335km away and last erupted in the Holocene epoch (ask Snot, he was probably around) so come for a run on another scorching hot Beijing day and blow your top off!*
* Preference given to ladies’ tops being blown off.


Bearded Clam, Horny On Top, Just Assja

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Sunday, August 11th 2013
Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00
Beiyuan Station ??? (Line 13), only one exit to the north
Yes all the way out there!!!!

Late comers please go directly to the restaurant:
Dayali ???
Beiyuan Jiayuan Qingyouyuan Building 4
On Qingyuan Road ???

To walk from subway:
Go out the exit and double back to the south walking under the rail line. Restaurant is on the southwest side of the intersection with Chunhua Road, about 200m down.  See Photo:

1607 Restaurant

Hash Cash:
20 RMB Run and Circle ; 70 RMB Run, Circle and Dinner