3 old men


While doing your usual hashing every Sunday, did you ever stop and think (if thinking isn’t an too advanced activity for hashers) – “Hey, what happened? Why can’t I have a life like all normal people?”

I’ll tell you why – It’s because of the old farts who were hashing way before civilization. Let’s meet up Sunday and pay homage to the greatest of all old hashers and Gengis Khan (founder of Maggie’s) who died on this day in 1277.


No Beer Required, Asshole Sucker, Bjorn Again, and Kiss My Maple Leaf.

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Sunday, August 18th this year (2013)
Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00
In front of Mike Town, Jiang Tai Dong Lu- bus line 503- if you are under the bridge you will see mike town

??, ????, (????????? MIKE TOWN)

Just West of Huantie Bridge on the 5th ring road


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1608 Pic
1608 Map

Hash Cash:
20 RMB Run and Circle ; 70 RMB Run, Circle and Dinner