Most of us are pilgrims—laowai and zhongguoren alike—without Beijing hukous.  The Beijingren have welcomed us, and we are thankful to live in this land of Manifest Destiny.  Run, walk through this blessed trail.  At least two Wild Turkeys have been sited in the circle area.

Pilgrims (Hares):
Lost in Marks & Spencer, Life of Pi

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

13:30.MEET AT RESTAURANT. Run starts at 14:00 SHARP so we can avoid freezing off our giblets.

Hash cash: 
20 RMBs run/walk; 70 RMBs run/walk and circle

Warm clothes for the circle


Po Yang Lake Restaurant

Located less than 300 meters south of Xitucheng Subway Stop (line 10).
Walk out Exit D (Southwest Exit). Walk straight ahead (south) past bus stop and construction site.  Restaurant is located just inside the corner (on right). 
Telephone: 62044830.  No brainer.  Don’t call the hares on this one, or you will be down downed like no other.turkey