Bean Running


In 1899, in order to help their fellow countrymen and to protect their interests in China an international force led by the British was sent to subdue the Boxer Rebellion. 114 years later another group of Brits have landed in China and aim to please a group of hashers with very different interests. As such you can expect a fun packed run filled with hutongs, parks and of course plenty of tasty Chinese beer.

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Sunday, December 1st, 2013

13:30 – MEET AT RESTAURANT.Run starts at 14:00.

Hash cash: 
20 RMBs run/walk; 70 RMBs run/walk and circle

Warm clothes for the circle

Near Beixinqiao Subway Station
Directions – Come out of exit D, head down Dong Si Bei Da Jie for about 50m until you reach the Holland Bakery, then turn right down Xiang Er Hutong and the restaurant is about 30m down.
Restaurant : Long Yuan Tang Guangxi Cuisine
Address: No. 6 Xiang Er Hutong , North of Dongsi Street
Phone : 84049502