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 Have a little rest during  the night before or directly join from the BJH3 holiday bash or any other event!
Best opportunity to get a breath of fresh Beijing air, to sort the remaining brain cells and get re-hydrated – with beer, an old proven hangover medicine from Grandmother’s!
Other liquids may be available to erase any headache or other sicknesses.
Expect that the hangover  trail is clearly and properly chalk-marked and not with leftovers from the night before.
Nevertheless if you find other marks than chalk, be sure it’s not belonging to the Hare’s…
So recover from Saturday’s hard work, and refuel your body and mind for the upcoming week!

Banana Hammock, Sleazy Rider, Knob in Hood
Maybe an elf secret helper

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Sunday, December 8th 2013

Meet 13:30.  Run starts at 14:00.

Hash cash: 
20 RMBs run and circle; 70 RMBs run, circle and dinner

Warm clothes for the circle

Meeting at Line 5 Tiantian Dongmen Exit B

Chong Rui Xiang Restaurant
the opposite of Hong Qiao Market, North entrance

Chong RuiXian