St Lucia Day


Saint Lucia’s Day was originally a church feast day dedicated to Lucia of Syracuse (died.304), also known as Saint Lucy, and is observed on 13 December. Apart from the Lucia, there are stjärngossar (star boys), “tomtenissar”; and gingerbread men and of course Staffan Stalledräng  Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr, caring for his five horses.
More interestingly, in modern times the Lucia day has become a reason to DRINK! 

And last, but not least, is our dear Banana Hammock FOYW :(

“It’s time to say good-buy to you and the (sometimes) lovely blue skies of Beijing.
Time flies and I’m leaving next week already.
As many of you are in stress to finish X-Mas shopping, joining other X-Mas Partys or also flying out….I fully understand that it will be hard for you if I would force you to show up for another event…

So-keep it simple and easy!

I highly appreciate if you can make it to come to the HHH # 1625 The Lucia Run and later sing me a propper FOYW song in the circle. If you can’t make it to the run and for all the other late comers- FOYW drinks will be drank in the in the bar/restaurant of the sunday Hash”

On On

Banana Hammock 

“Saint Stephen” Life of Pee, “The queen with the magic candles” Waiting for it, “Star Boy” Bjorn Again.

A to A

Sunday December 15th 2013

Meet 13:30.  Run starts at 14:00.

Hash cash: 
20 RMBs run and circle; 70 RMBs run, circle and dinner

Warm clothes for the circle

Irish Volunteer, Jiang Tai Road (Opposite the Lido Hotel’s reception)
There is a bus stop just outside Irish Volunteer.
Bus lines from Liangmaqiao 107, 416, 420, 421, 701, 707
Bus lines from Sanyuan East Bridge: 104, 847