the three unwise men card-rb30199c2fc094d029c593bee217c362f xvuak 8byvr 512While this week normally would bring us the “Three Wise Men” run. After much searching for our ideal hares we have produced a soultion which we shall now call “the Three Unwise Hares” run. For they know not what they do. We mean this literally not figuartivly, be sure to wear to your glasses and remeber thats its an A to A run from your Hash Bar right back to Your Hash Bar. Mercifly, not in the new Denver style, where you might never return, gobbling corn chips and laughing in a corner somewhere. The Hindus come to the rescue for a great indian buffet for on after.
Many mysteries will be be uncovered on sunday, such as the trail…for the hares….and you too…

Pickle Boy, Margaricunt and Waiting for It
A to A
Sunday January 19th, 2014
Meet 13:30. Run starts at 14:00.
Hash cash:
20 RMB Run and Circle ; 100 RMB Run, Circle and Fabulous Indian Buffet Dinner
Warm clothes for the circle
The Hash Bar – Paddy O’Shea’s
Dongzhimen Outer St, Opposite the west end of the Australian Embassy
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