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The fireworks have died down, the city is crowded, and the pollution has returned. Before the students return to their classes, lets cover the campuses of Northwest Beijing with hash marks and running shoe tracks. Recover from the full moon hash on Saturday with another hash on Sunday!

Six Kuai Short, Just Michelangela and Karate

A to A

Sunday February 16th, 2014

Meet 13:30. Run starts at 14:00.
Hash cash:
20 RMB Run and Circle; 70 RMB for Run, Circle, and Hong Kong Dinner

Warm clothes for the circle

The 6th floor of the UCenter. Take the subway to Wudaokou.
Leave from exit A and turn right. The UCenter is the giant mall on your right.
Walk past the Starbucks and the Paris Baguette to the side of the building.
Walk 100m and take the outdoor elevator to the 6th floor. The restaurant is called HK Cuisine.
If you get lost, just follow the hash marks.

hash wudoakou1