Believe it or not this weekend is Dazed & Confused’s 200th Run with the Beijing HHH!
Come and celebrate this this very special occasion with D&C himself! And guess what… PATCH is included!!

Now, what is Lips, what is hole and worse when you need to pickle near the city? How to satisfy yourself after the spring festival holiday and valentine day?
Our hares imported from Malaysia, Borneo and China will give a bomb to the city of Beijing to celebrate the happy ending of spring festival, valentines and of course D&C’s 200th run celebration.
Even though, you won’t see rain forests nor Orangutans in this run, you will get to drink the native Iban “Tuak” from Borneo without having to go Borneo!!! Isn’t it a good deal?? And by the way, make sure your head won’t get chop down in this headhunter trail!!


Creamy Lips, Fire in the Hole and Pickle Boy

A to A

Sunday, 23rd Feb

Hash Cash:
RMB40 Patch, Run and Circle. RMB100 Patch, Run, Circle and Dinner.

All your celebration mood and warm clothes for circle

Line 2, Qianmen station Exit C.
Restaurant is at the street behind Starbucks, go straight, on the right 10 to 15 min walk from the station.
If you get lost, just follow the hash marks or call the restaurant at 63025998.

DC200 Rest